Race-To-Riches Grab Bag


Race-To-Riches Grab Bag

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Think you got that stuff? Test out your luck and good luck in your race to riches!

These grab bags are a little unique. These are for our 100% true gamblers. We use a few special items known to be common in BD sets and galleries to find these. The items themselves are not worth much, but there is a good possibilities some good stuff resides with it. ;) Each account comes stealthed and are 100% unchecked. We had to start stealthing the accounts due to our method of finding them being found.

The key to this grab bag is, if these are popular items for BD and galleries, what are the chances of hitting a completely basic account? ;) Being a common item, the chances of having an empty account with nothing of real value is a possibility. However, with that price, it's probably worth a few rounds. :P

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