Rich Avatar Collector Main Account! (Instant)


Rich Avatar Collector Main Account! (Instant)

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Username Format xxx_xxxxxxx###
Age 13.5 years
Avatars 255+
Site Themes 2
Battledome 900+ wins
Shop Size 20+
Gallery Size 10+
Trophies 16

Notable Avatars



 DN 200+ HSD Trainable BD pet

Neopoint Value

Pure Neopoints: 12,900,000+

Notable items


Spotted Paint Brush: 900,000
Faerie Paint Brush: 2,000,000
The Annals of Insanity: 2,500,000
Zafara Double Agent Plushie: 500,000
Sinsis Sword: 800,000
Royal Wedding Ring: 2,000,000

Total: 21,600,000+



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