[NP] Double or Nothing - { ID }


[NP] Double or Nothing - { ID }

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Can I fancy you in a game of Double or Nothing?

It's simple really, you have the chance of being rewarded twice as much as you paid. Or, get nothing but an empty worthless shell account.??

Each time the gamble is loaded we follow this procedure;
- We??have winning stock set aside of similar value ranges. (ie. Groups of $10, $20, $30, etc)
- We take the winning stock and match it with shell accounts 1 for 1.
- We then add all the values together of the winning items and divide it by the total number of accounts in the gamble.??


- 10 x Winners at ~ $45
- We add 10 x Shell accounts.
- Take total value divided by total accounts. (10x$45)/20
- Each draw is $22.50

NOTE: This is a gamble first and foremost. Second, this does not mean if you buy two in a row you are??guaranteed to win. You may have multiple losers in a row, or multiple winners. It's all random. You agree to??the obligations that you may turn up empty handed when you purchase this item.

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