BN UC Faerie Lenny, 20m pure, 3m ETS (Instant)


BN UC Faerie Lenny, 20m pure, 3m ETS (Instant)

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General Information
Username Format ##xxxxx
Age 15.5 years
Avatars ~95
Stamps ~10
Shop Size ~20
Gallery Size ~45
Games Played ~110
Noteable Avatars
Image for Darigan Darkling avatar!Image for Seasonal Attack Pea avatar!Image for Wheel of Excitement avatar!Image for Suteks Tomb avatar!Image for Illusen Doll avatar!Image for Quiguki April Fools Avatar avatar!Image for Queen Fyora avatar!Image for Neomail Addict avatar!Image for Cliffhanger - Game Over avatar!Image for Plastic Fir avatar!Image for Plushie Nova avatar!Image for Happy Birthday! avatar!Image for Darigan Redeemed avatar!Image for Sloth! avatar!Image for I *heart* Sloth avatar!Image for Evil Jhudora avatar!Image for Easter Cybunny avatar!Image for Snowmuncher avatar!Image for Tooth Faerie avatar!Image for SDB Pack Rat avatar!

Neopoint Value (Bank+Till+Stocks+OnHand)
~21,895,000 NP
Items Value
NC Value: ~9 Caps
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NP Value: ~3,085,000 NP
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Xxxxxxx## the UC Plushie Lenny
HSD: 109(20/49/40)
Gender: Male
Fishing Skill: 74
Petpet: Greeble
NC Items - (Cap Value: ~9.0 )
(Hover over image for item name and value)
Image for Candy Cane Sword!Image for Festive Book Tree!Image for Maraquan Exploration Helmet!Image for Kiko Lake Fence!Image for Fancy Virtupets Desk!Image for Darigan Citadel Fence!Image for Bigsby Shadingtons Wonderclaw Widget 1-pack!Image for Bigsby Shadingtons Hat!Image for Homemade Lavender Faerie Wings!Image for Holiday Secret Meepit Stach Plan 1-Pack!Image for Holiday Mohawk!Image for Holiday Shenanigifts Invitation 1-Pack!Image for Neopets Holiday Gift Tag Background!
NP Items - (Neopoint Value: ~3,084,895 )
(Hover over image for item name and value)
Image for Disco Fever Paint Brush!Image for White Petpet Paint Brush!Image for Faerie Paint Brush!Image for Snowbunny!

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