70m pure + 2 x UCs (Instant)


70m pure + 2 x UCs (Instant)

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General Information
Username Format _xxxx_xxxx_
Age 11.5 years
Avatars ~85
Shop Size ~60
Games Played ~80
SLM Access Yes
Noteable Avatars
Image for Kiosk Wocky avatar!Image for Happy Birthday! avatar!Image for Plastic Fir avatar!Image for Seasonal Attack Pea avatar!Image for Pwned by the Lab avatar!Image for Quiguki April Fools Avatar avatar!Image for Gormball - Gargarox avatar!Image for Tooth Faerie avatar!Image for Capara avatar!Image for Mynci - Halloween avatar!Image for Library Faerie avatar!Image for Sloth! avatar!Image for SmugglerImage for Sell! SELL!! avatar!Image for Better Than You avatar!

Neopoint Value (Bank+Till+Stocks+OnHand)
~72,830,000 NP
Items Value
NC Value: ~13 Caps
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Xxxxxx the Water Gnorbu
HSD: 347(270/76/1)
Gender: Female

Xxxxxxx the UC Grey Aisha (Avatar Pet)
HSD: 135(102/32/1)
Gender: Female

Xxxxxxxxxx the UC Darigan Blumaroo
Gender: Female
NC Items - (Cap Value: ~13.0 )
(Hover over image for item name and value)
Image for Lukewarm Left-Over Pizza!Image for Really Ripe Banana!Image for Really Ripe Banana!Image for Fur Covered Tyrannian Desk!Image for Fancy Sun Hat!Image for Flowery Bathing Cap!Image for Pretty Chef Bonnet!Image for Blumaroll Dice 1-Pack!Image for Flower Star Wand!Image for Wooden Tree Sword!Image for Lightmite Background!Image for Vine Wings!Image for Night Sounds Music Track!Image for Gypsy Girl Striped Headscarf!

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