1k HSD Trainable + 20m pure { ID }


1k HSD Trainable + 20m pure { ID }

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General Information
Username Format xxxxxx
Age 13.5 years
Avatars ~30
Cards ~235
Battledome out of ~75
Shop Size ~135
Gallery Size ~5
Games Played ~50
Noteable Avatars
Image for Fyora - Faerie Queen avatar!Image for Freaky Factory - Yoinked avatar!Image for Seasonal Attack Pea avatar!Image for Capara avatar!Image for Sloth! avatar!Image for JhudoraImage for Kasuki Lu - Heeyah! avatar!Image for Alien Aisha avatar!Image for Tooth Faerie avatar!Image for Happy Birthday! avatar!Image for Plastic Fir avatar!Image for Sell! SELL!! avatar!

Neopoint Value (Bank+Till+Stocks+OnHand)
~20,330,000 NP

Xxxxxxxxx the Baby Usul
HSD: ~980 (330/330/330)
Gender: Female
Jobs: 255
Petpet: Psimouse
NP Items - (Neopoint Value: ~92,250 )
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Image for Korosu Crestscar!

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