{ ID } 1 Mil Easter Egg - Account Grab Bag


{ ID } 1 Mil Easter Egg - Account Grab Bag

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NOTE: These are unchecked and untouched apart from securing and locating how much pure is on account. We do not move pure from stocks, or searched for items as that would have taken up too much time. The amount of pure may be slightly more or less within 300k. Make sure to check Stocks, Shop Till, as well as Bank.

Looking for our best grab bag promotion yet? I got you covered.

These grab bags are unique in which we tell you how much neopoints are on the account. As thats the only thing we detailed about the account. All items are 100% unchecked and we have absolutely no idea what is in them.

Grab this bad boy for slightly more than what it's worth in pure and see if you hit it BIG!


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