The Resistance Camp

You are approached by what looks like a friendly native.

'The place seems really empty. Some kind of a resistance this is. Maybe we are better off elsewhere!' you think to yourself.

'Wh-Who are you?' the native stammered, 'I thought you were my friends.'
'I'm...' you start to say. 'What do you mean? Where are they?' Briana chimed in.
'We were planning an attack on the south beaches of the island where the zombies are terrorizing the villagers and then..' the native stopped and took a deep breath, 'and then they came marching into our own headquarters, making us run for our lives. We got split up and now I can't find any of them in this fog. I'm too scared to leave camp!'
'Don't worry! We will find them,' Briana said, 'no matter what!'
Reluctantly you add, 'Do you know what this is that is causing the walking dead?'
'I don't but our camp leader has a clue! I can't remember but I know if you find him he will definitely know.'

You notice a button on the wall, it says...

Do you press it? What could be the worse that could happen?