Shop Neopia's Gamer Guardian - Quality Control

So if you found your way to this wall of text it’s because you’re hungry for more than just Neopets goods and services – you want a little peek behind the curtain.  No worries, my friend, as we are happy to oblige.  Long story short, Shop Neopia goes beyond the extra mile when it comes to customer safety and satisfaction.  No matter what you’re planning on purchasing from us you can rest assured we have you covered with our exclusive Gamer Guardian process.



Gamer Guardian - Neopoints


Delivering your ready-to-spend neopoints to you without inciting suspicion from the evil overlords of TNT is our primary concern.  As such, not only will we use care and concern in providing the neopoints to you, but the neopoints we’re selling are the safest available.  The neopoints we sell you come from two different sources: abandoned accounts or legitimate earnings on site gained in recycled accounts.


When you purchase fewer than 5,000,000 neopoints we do request that you allow us to deliver the points direct to you in ways we have tested and perfected, designed to set off no red flags.  If you’re an experienced buyer, though, we are happy to preload a storage account for you and let you go about your business.


Rest assured that any time we enter an account we are taking every possible precaution not to raise any alarms with the powers that be.  Every account is in our possession for months and receives casual playtime to look like it’s someone’s home before we transfer any points whatsoever.  In addition, we always offer well below the maximum amount of neopoints possible on your trade lots and we make our offers from multiple accounts on their own IPs to keep our identities completely separate from yours.



Gamer Guardian - Neopoint Items


A lot of people might call us crazy for how dedicated we are to this, but maybe we are a little nuts.  We are obsessed with the safety and security of our items.  Every single thing – with the exception of map sets and item packs – is sent from its own storage account.  When we obtain an item we assign it its very own account to sit on and age, to ensure its safety.  Once a suitable period of time has elapsed – it depends on the value and rarity of the item and a few other factors, our exclusive, time-tested formula – we note the item as ready for sale to you, our valued buyer.  After that we either load the item into our instant delivery system or stealth & secure it in preparation to log in personally to send the item to you.  This is the most effective way for us to keep any contact between our accounts and yours to the bare minimum required to deliver your item(s).  This makes it literally impossible for you to get frozen because of someone else’s doings (the dreaded chain ice).  You will remain completely anonymous and safe throughout this entire process!



Gamer Guardian – Neocash Items


We know you also need your Neocash items so we are excited to handle those too.  We stock items off countless wish lists, ready for fulfillment in a timely manner.  If you’re looking for some of those items that are nearly impossible to find, or equally impossible to beg someone to part with, we can fill those too!  We have our team of Neocash traders on standby ready to trade for your wish list items if they aren’t in our stock.  More people, with more items at their disposal, mean you get what you’re after sooner.  Wondering where our items come from?  Well, everything we have was either purchased straight from the NC Mall by us, or traded for on the site by us.  All of our NC item traders are trained by us on how to blend in with the community and to spread out to keep themselves from sticking out as anything but a legitimate player.  At any time as many as five different traders may be trading their items around the site trying to procure the items from your wish list!  We have never had a trader or a buyer frozen due to Neocash item purchases from Shop Neopia and it’s going to stay that way. 



Gamer Guardian - Accounts


We handle every account with the same care and caution, whether it’s an empty storage shell or a decked out, epic main account.  Every account we choose to list on our site has been completely inactive, abandoned by its occupant, for a minimum of three years – that’s the Gamer Guardian promise.  Once we’ve conducted this verification we pre-secure the account by modifying the password to a new one and then letting the acount remain stealthed for a bare minimum 15 days before listing it onsite for your perusal.  We do this because going from devoid of human presence to full activity is a huge red flag – when you buy an account for us it’s already prepared for you to occupy it.  All the warming up is done! 



Gamer Guardian - Unconverted Pets


We’re not going to lie to you and say that we created every single pet we list for sale on Shop Neopia.  We offer the kind of variety that can’t be duplicated in the random pet selections chosen by a handful of players – besides, possessing this sheer quantity of pets would be violating Neopets TOS in and of itself. J  At Shop Neopia we use the term “recycled pets,” and this applies to pets we did create ourselves, ages ago, and those we rescued from abandoned accounts.  (Just as with our account sales we ensure this inactivity  lasted a minimum of 3 years before we touch anything!)  As you might expect, unconverted Neopets are one of the most watched and reported-on assets in the whole of the game.  To keep attention on our pets to a minimum we secure each one on his, or her, own account, stealth-mode enabled.  This combats nosy searchers fishing out inactive pets and witch-hunting, enabling you to log on and claim your pet without anyone knowing anything happening is unusual. 


At Shop Neopia we will never give you an unsafe pet. If you’ve selected a pet for purchase and somehow we do not have a safe, VWN one available, we will offer you a WN version of the pet with a suitable discount. To read more on our UC process, please view this page.