Product Overview Page

Welcome to Shop Neopia's product overview page! Here you may browse the different collections of products that we currently have for sale. If you still can't find what you are looking for, please submit a custom order!


   Accounts Accounts: It's hard to play Neopets without an account! Whether you were frozen and want to start over so you're looking to buy a main account, or just need to buy shell accounts to move some of your items/pets onto, we can provide. We offer a wide range of accounts, including mains, semi-mains, shells, and loaded item accounts. Several of our accounts are instant delivery, so you will receive an email with the login information right after ordering! All of these different account types are extremely safe, and we provide tips personalized for the account that you choose, to help you get the best experience possible!
  Battledome Pets: The battledome is an arena in the world of Neopia where pets can go to fight one another, or train against the single player opponents. Many users spend months, or even years training their pets so that they can compete at the highest level. This involves being online multiple times a day to be able to enroll your pet in training courses, complete kitchen quests, and feed them neggs in an attempt to raise their stats one or two points. If you are one of the people who do not have time for this, don't fret! We have several high quality battledome pets for sale that you can choose from.

Items: The majority of Neopets revolves around items. Items can be used for anything from training pets, to creating themed galleries and even certain avatars. Reselling items onsite is also one of the most effective methods of earning neopoints, that's why we try to stock all of the popular items for you to choose from! Our items are as safe as they come, and at the lowest prices anywhere!


Neocash Items: Neocash (NC) is the second currency on Neopets. It is bought with real money, and is completely separate from neopoints and neopoint items. NC items are primarily used to dress up your pets, however there are also NC items for neohomes. NC items can be sent to other users by using a gift box, which you will receive when purchasing a Gift Box Mystery Capsule (GBC).

   Bag of Neopoints Neopoints: Neopoints (NP) are the main currency used on Neopets. Players can often spend days, even weeks, just to acquire a small sum of NP which they then go and spend on other aspects of the site, such as a gallery collection, or buying codestones for training. Some people do have time to spend 6+ hours a day restocking/reselling to earn their wealth, however most of the neopian population doesn't have that time to spare. Well, you don't have to - now you have to option to buy cheap neopoints from us here at Shop Neopia!
       Services: Are you unable to get that avatar that you've always wanted because the game is too hard or the item is too expensive? Well, now's your chance! With our large selection of avatars to choose from, you can have almost any avatar you desire, at incredibly low prices. We currently offer services for every item avatar, and a majority of the game avatars for you to choose from. All of our avatars are legitimate, we will never use any game cheats or other illegitimate methods. Our services section also includes other options, such as Neocash Cards, Site Themes, and more!
 Unconverted Pets

Unconverted Pets: Obtaining an unconverted (UC) pet is one of the greatest accomplishments in the eyes of many Neopets players. Due to that fact, we have collected a full set of very well named unconverted pets so that you can choose the one that is just right for you! We have also recently added a discounted section full of pets ranging from Darigans to Faeries, and everything in between! Pets in this section have less than great names - perfect for the non name-picky people who would like a good deal. Now is the perfect time to get your dream pet!