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Gamers, I dare you to challenge your preconceived notions about free Neopets cheats and game guides. Why? Well, it's simple. Shop Neopia hand-collects data for each guide through our personal experiences and expertise. We also provide you the most freshly updated tools to deliver that WOW! experience on Neopets. 

On this page you can find heaps of resources for Neopets cheats, cheat codes, walkthroughs, and various Neopet tricks to help you gain control of your gaming experience. Additionally we provide the most updated Neopets programs and hacks available. We DO NOT provide programs or scripts that can get you frozen. Each one of our scripts are modified to help you Neopet better. -- They do not "do" for you, therefore staying within Neopets T & C.

Heck, we even went ahead and retrieved the Faerie Crossword and Daily Puzzle answers for you. Displaying them together on a single page for quick and easy completion.

Your account safety is our number one concern. We want you to enjoy Neopets on the account(s) that you love. Therefore we provide you with not only the most safe Neopet goods and services but also the most reliable game walkthroughs and Neopets hacks. All of our programs are coded in script form. Which means they are compatible with Tampermonkey (chrome) and Greasemonkey (firefox). We find this safer than having a stand alone program, since you must still play Neopets like a typical gamer. After downloading a script you can enable/disable it using the toggle features in either Tampermonkey dashboard or Greasemonkey dashboard.


Need help gathering some trophies? How about some neopoints? Fortunately, Shop Neopia offers a wide variety of legit and semi-legit guides for all aspects of Neopets. We will show you the way to becoming one of the top Neopets players! Look no further when it comes to Neopets cheats and freebies, we got you covered. :)

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