Key Quest Key Generator!

Why Use a KQ Key Generator?

Too many reasons! Let's start with a question -- Why did everyone complain when Key Quest was gone? I'll tell you why, the riches! Those sweet gold keys baby!

'Gold Keys' give out 4 items as opposed to 3, 2, or 1 from the lesser keys. You almost always get at least a codestone or some item of ETS value. (Negg, Codestone, Paint Brushes, etc) You can achieve full map sets including both secret lab map and treasure map.

I used Key Quest for its riches as well. Personally I create a shop and sell off everything I get from it and wait for half priced day on Neopets. Then I use my profits to stock my store with anything profitable from the main shops. This way when I get more visitors from my unlimited supply of buyable ETS (literally), they will see my other items I have to offer. Ultimately making saving a lot easier!

Scared of the risks? Try it on a shell or a semi-main!

Tip: Use VPN's and multiple accounts (not too many) to create a stock pile of buyable ETS King Altador would be jealous of!

Sorry only customers who have spent a total of $50 or more can use the generator. It's for safety, the easier of access the greater chance of abuse!

Come back when you reach the requirement!

How Does It Work?

When the game of keyquest is over the server is updated via a neopets method. This method determines the key color and to whom won that key followed by a bunch of crazy post game data.
Well, we have replicated this method using POST data to conceal any variables you enter. We also set all links to 'noreferrer' when directing to Neopets so they never knew you were here ;).
Everything is done on this page: When you click submit, a hidden window within this page will perform the method. Once completed a success message will appear.

We planned ahead for your safety and made it so the entered data is never retrieveable on-page or off-page. Furthermore we have concealed the code by passing it through javascript, which then encrypts it every page load.

Is This Safe?

It is as safe as it possibly can be!
Let me explain.. When Neopets got rid of KeyQuest they left the 'Prize Vault' open for those who had massive amounts of keys left to redeem. It is not un-usual to redeem the occasional key!
As long as no one is abusing it, it will go 'un-noticed'.
We have power in numbers! If it were to get patched, it would just get patched, no one would get frozen. Think about it, all those people they would have to track and sort through, and for what? Taking back what was taken from us?!? The least TNT could do is let us have our prizes back! Go ahead and give it a go!