Item Database

Neocash to Neopoint items, our database has them all. We don't provide all of the non-privy facts about an item however, we do try to price each item as accurately as possible.

NC Cap values are gathered through price guides and user suggestions (after review). We then compare and average out the suggested and gathered prices to come up with a medium cap value. If we could get people listing what they thought their items were worth in terms of caps when trading, we'd have a SUPER accurate cap value guide
We ensure the cap values being put in are updated within the past years quarterly (Within 3 months).

Neopoint prices are gathered via Shopwizard and Jellyneo's trading post history. We use only trades within the past years 4 months of the given date of it being priced.
We compare and average out the prices to ensure a outlier does not cause any heavy weight to the price and only a true average is given. Our Neopoint item database has the most accurate and most prices given for all items in Neopets!

Anything that is Unavailable is either; Unreleased, no cap value to find, or the trading post history is too old to use the data. 

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