Gamer Rewards Challenge

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Well, gamers, out with the old and in with the new. We kicked the boring flat discount to the curb and we're rolling out a new program to give you a million more ways to save. (Okay, it might be slightly less than a million, unless we’re talking in Neopoints – in which case you’re going to save multimillions!)

Don't worry, you don't have to create another account and remember another password; the best way to participate is to sign up with Facebook, Twitter, or Google (no spam or annoying posts from us, pinky-promise!), you can play along anonymously too.

Just visiting the site today and clicking over to this page already earned you points. The more points you earn the faster you level up. You'll gain points through ordinary activities like browsing the site, tweeting about us, participating with us or making purchases, big or small.  Those points accumulate and when you hit certain thresholds you'll gain a level –  and by the time you're level 20 you will be paying 40% less for every purchase you make until the end of friggin’ time!

Even more points are up for grabs by fulfilling certain tasks that will earn you badges. Badges are saved to your user profile (anonymous or not) and they're also each worth a fat stack of points! The more badges you earn the greater your prestige and the closer you’ll get to the next level – and a bigger discount.

What’s that? Are you way too paranoid to sign up with your Facebook or Twitter account? Fine! :( Just kidding, we came up with a solution for that too. Simply contact us to hide your profile and no one will know ;). Get the same rewards.

 Your privacy is our priority -- we're not ever going to post on your page or in your feed unless you give us your express permission. We're also not going to give out your email or your gorgeous profile picture to anyone!

By default your display name here will match the one from the account you choose to sign in with. Don't fret, we can hide your profile from the world. Simply email us and ask to be hidden.

Earning Points

Everything you do earns you points. Seriously, every aspect of this store is designed to gain you more points the more you engage with us. Gamers can earn HUGE point bonuses by achieving badges which is made possible through actions. We have 7 actions we track that earn you points -- each action has a point distribution and gap based on its relevancy. 

Purchase = 300pts per
Visit = 5pts per five Watch = 5pts per five Tweet = 10pts per five
Like = 10pts per five +1 = 10pts per five Click = 10pts every fifty


Leveling Up

So heres the deal gamers. You have 20 levels broken into 5 series. Each one you climb enters you into a new tier of awesomeness. As your points grow, from treating yourself obviously, so does your discount -- furthermore your prestige! Enter the class of the 1337 and enjoy a 40% discount.


Browser Gang

We see you, checking us out. ;) We're checking you out too. It's okay, we are your best kept secret.


Anonymous Browser Experienced Browser - 3% Off Expert Browser - 5% Off
Anonymous BrowserHello there stranger. Hiding behind your screen all incognito-mode? That’s just fine; we can keep a secret. ;) There is no discount available yet. Keep coming back and we have plenty to throw at you. Experienced BrowserAh, now you’re letting us get to know you a little bit as you get to know us. We like it and we like you. We’re going to give you an award. 3% off every order you place, from now ‘til eternity. Want more? Keep coming back. Expert BrowserDid we ever tell you how good your butt looks in those jeans? We meant to say something last time you were here…. Why you’ve been here quite a bit haven’t you. Have a present. 5% off all of your orders


Participant Faction

Finally realized what all we have to offer? Hopefully this new realm of discounts keeps your continued support.


Occasional Participant - 9% Off Experienced Participant - 10% Off Veteran Participant - 11% Off Eite Participant - 12% Off
Occasional Participant Well, gamer, you made it over the first big hurdle. You’ve earned 500 points. Yes, that means you’ve earned another discount. We’re going to throw you another few percentage points, but just so you know, there’s a lot more to be had if you keep going. :) 9% off all orders Experienced Participant What! A thousand points? That’s definitely cause for celebration. Let us pay for 10% of all your purchases, starting now, ending never. 10% off all orders Veteran ParticipantIt’s that time again! All those points you’ve been accumulating have earned you another level. And you know what else? A new discount! 11% off all orders Elite ParticipantWeren’t you just here? Did you really earn another thousand points already? See, this is easier than you thought it would be isn’t it? Keep going, we’re just dying to give you more. 12% off all orders


Shopper Association

Just, wow! Those customizations you have been working on are out of this world! Your participation and support is rewarded handsomely amongst these folks. Forever.


Occasional Shopper - 15% Off Experienced Shopper - 16% Off Veteran Shopper - 17% Off Elite Shopper - 18% Off
Occasional ShopperDid you seriously already accumulate ten thousand points? Well that’s impressive, and accordingly deserves an impressive discount. And like all our discounts this one lasts forever - or until you earn an even better one. 15% off all orders Experienced Shopper More points, must level faster, must have more discounts… We can feel the hunger in you, gamer, and you are destined to succeed. Keep working on it. We have more money to give away, but in the meantime, enjoy 16% off all of your purchases! Veteran Shopper You’re really determined to get the best discounts you can, aren’t you? We can respect that. We encourage it. We’re really digging the hair today, by the way. 17% off all orders Elite ShopperYes, it is that time again - time for us to show you how much we appreciate you. And we’re going to do that in the way you like second best – by saving you money. From now on you’ll receive 18% off all of your orders.


Buyer Party

Graduation all over again eh? Must feel like deja vu. Just another day for a regular like you. Enjoy these incredible discounts, glad we can help.


Experienced Buyer - 19% Off Seasoned Buyer - 20% Off Elite Buyer - 21% Off VIP Buyer - 22% Off
Experienced BuyerAt this point we’re surprised you haven’t come knocking on our door to try to take the site over you’re so experienced with it. You’ve supported us, we’ve decked you out in sexy Neopets goods… though there’s more levels to be had you know. 19% off all orders Seasoned BuyerYou, sir, madam, or whatever other honorific you prefer, have earned a place in the hall of fame. You accumulated 32,000 points and reached lucky level 13. We are humbled to be in your company and are excited to increase your discount. How does 20% off every order of everything forever sound? Elite BuyerHey there gamer, you just hit level 14 – and looked mighty good doing it. You’ve proven your dedication to Shop Neopia and for that we’re going to let you stretch your dollars a little further. 21% off all orders VIP BuyerWelcome to the upper echelon. It isn’t easy to get this high up, but once you’re here you never going back. What’s that? You want your discount? We’re excited to give it to you - enjoy 22% off all of your purchases!


Supporter Society

Can you feel it yet? That moment when you hit the top. Only a small percentage have made it this far. You are amongst the top prestigious society of Shop Neopia supporters. And boy oh boy do we got treats for you. Every level you earn your discount percentage increases significantly. You earned it!


Seasoned Supporter - 25% Off Veteran Supporter - 28% Off Elite Supporter - 31% Off VIP Supporter - 35% Off 1337 Supporter - 40% Off
Seasoned SupporterYou’ve really shown some dedication here. It would be an affront to call you a buyer at this point, after all this time together. Welcome to the ranks, supporter. You earned this. 25% off everything until you croak Veteran SupporterTime flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? You’re navigating our site like a professional, filling your virtual pockets with goodies. You didn’t forget we had another discount to give out, did you? Enjoy it! 28% off all of your orders Elite Supporter At some point we’re going to go broke, but we just can’t help it – you’re so dedicated and so damn sexy we have to keep rewarding you. 31% off everything we sell, bar none VIP SupporterWow, just wow. You’re really an MVP. You’ve leveled your way to a 35% discount until the apocalypse, but if you want to keep going we might be able to accommodate you. ;) 1337 SupporterOMG, WTF, you did it! If we could we’d set off fireworks and play triumphant music at max volume. You reached the ultimate level, where only the 1337 dwell – and where they claim their delicious, insane discount. 40% off all of your orders – forever


I'm ready to be 1337!

Snagging Badges

A tasteful amount of points are up for grabs from earning badges. Every badge you earn is proudly displayed on your profile (if signed in) for your peers to see. We have 30 task-like badges, 5 secret badges, and 5 spaces for limited edition and seasonal badges. Each badge offers a different range of points to help you rise in the ranks -- and increase your discount. Secret badges can be found by.. Well no one really knows how they are found yet, but we do know the points are MEGA. Like your Tax Beast high-score, baller.


Task Badges

Fence Burner - 50 Pts The Participant - 50 Pts Exploration Master - 250 Pts Supporter - 850 Pts Quest Accepted - 300 Pts
Fence BurnerA little skeptical eh? Visit our completely organic reviews page + enlighten yourself with all the cool things we have to offer from our site highlights blog! The ParticipantEnter 1 of our many contests, raffles, or giveaways to earn this badge. Exploration MasterExplore 25 products pages. How easy is that? SupporterComplete 1 purchase with us to earn this badge! Quest AcceptedSign-up with the program through Facebook or Twitter.
Potential Prospect - 200 Pts Honesty Is Key! - 200 Pts Familiar Faces - 500 Pts The Song Bird - 500 Pts Action! - 100 Pts
Potential ProspectAdd some items to your cart and view the cart page. Honesty is Key!Leave one review for any of our products and receive this badge + points. Quick, easy, and painless. Familiar FacesMan, it's really nice to have some company around here! Visit our store at least 1 time every week for 1 month to earn this badge. The Song BirdTweet about a page, product, or post as well as share on google plus. Action!Watch a video. Piece of cake!
Avid Supporter - 2,500 Pts Dedicated Supporter - 5,000 Pts Mine! - 500 Pts Rubberneckin' - 1,500 Pts Familiarizing - 750 Pts
Avid SupporterAwarded after completing your 10th purchase. Dedicated SupporterComplete 4 purchases every month for 6 months to get this BIG point reward! Mine!Participate in 5 contests, raffles, and giveaways to earn this badge. RuberneckinSeen something else you liked eh? Purchase 2 times in one day to get this badge. FamiliarizingView 2,000 unique products to receive this badge. Simple enough after a few visits ;)
The High Roller - 7,500 Pts The Big Spender - 10,000 Pts Goodies Snatcher - 1,250 Pts The Hunter - 500 Pts Upgraded - 1,000 Pts
The High Roller Purchase a cart total over $150. The Big SpenderPurchase a cart total of $300 or greater in a single purchase. Goodies SnatcherPurchase 5 times in one day. The HunterSearch for a product and add it to your cart. UpgradedUpgrade your cart from one of the hidden special 'upgrade pop-up's' we have tucked away to help gamers save! A completion of purchase must be made in order to obtain this badge.
The Penny Saver - 1,000 Pts Boosted - 4,000 Pts Scrutiny - 2,000 Pts Scripted - 300 Pts Testimony - 250 Pts
The Penny SaverPurchase two products from our On Sale collection in one checkout. Boosted Upgrade your cart and complete the checkout 10 times to receive this badge. ScrutinyWe appreciate your continued business and support. Submit 10 reviews on 10 products you've purchased to receive this badge. ScriptedDownload one of our many scripts to enhance your Neopets experience. TestimonyLeave a review of the overall site on our testimony page.
The High Roller The Big Spender Goodies Snatcher The Hunter Upgraded


Secret Badges


Frequenter - 450 Pts TBA TBA TBA TBA
Secret Badge - Frequenter Hint: This takes two weeks to complete. The Big Spender Goodies Snatcher The Hunter Upgraded


Limited Edition Badges


Holiday Spectacular Participant! - 1,500 Pts TBA TBA TBA TBA
Limited Edition Badge - Holiday Spectacular! Participated in our Holiday Spectacular Event! This can no longer be earned. We have contacted you if you qualified ;) The Big Spender Goodies Snatcher The Hunter Upgraded


The Nitty Gritty

We all know there's a section you skim through when you sign up for cool new stuff but come back to later so behold, the reference segment! There are technicalities but we're here to break it down for you like any good concierge would do.


Here’s the technical stuff. You have to be using modern technology for the loyalty program to function on your device. You have to be using one of the following:
Ø Google Chrome (latest version)

Ø Firefox 3 or above

Ø Internet Explorer 9 or above

Ø Opera (latest version)

Ø Safari 7 and above

Ø Any other modern browser that supports HTML5

Ø All popular mobile browsers

You can’t be using your browser in Private mode and you must enable Javascript - to receive your discount instantly! If you're fulfilling these needs and the program still isn’t working properly for you please Contact Us and we’ll work to remedy it for you – you deserve your discount!

Program Rules

Okay everything has some fine print, so read up – it’s all perfectly reasonable, we promise!
Ø You can only claim one discount code per order – they don’t stack

Ø In order to receive your discount you have to manually enter the code into the discount box on the checkout page

Ø Standard rules of fair play apply; if you abuse the system we’ll figure it out sooner or later and deduct points or block you – just play above board and have fun with it!

Friendly Reminders

You can be anonymous and participate, but if you clear your browser’s cache or cookies (or switch to a different browser entirely) we won’t know who you are anymore and you’ll have to start over again from level 1.
Your privacy is vitally important to us. We will never post anything on your behalf without your express permission – and even then only the items you have chosen to Share, Like, or Tweet will be posted.