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So on Shop Neopia we are also committed to delivering you content that is interesting, useful, and relevant.   The stuff we post on our blog tends to come in four varieties:

Site Highlights

Answers to questions you never thought to ask
General information we want published for your easy access
Requests from us, to you, for help!

Special Promotions running on the site, of course!

Neopets Chat
Gamer Shoutouts

Tips and Tricks for mastering Neopets
General Neopets discussions

This is a page we built to display your thoughts – hop on your soapbox and share!

Tip:  Because we are hoarders we keep all blog posts but if something is no longer relevant we promise to tag it as expired so you don’t get all excited about a promotion that ended six months ago.


Blog Archives:

Site Highlights

  1. Linking the pieces together - Posted: 05-17-17
  2. Update pt.2 for Rewards System - Posted: 04-24-17
  3. Update on Rewards Program - Posted: 04-16-17
  4. New Mains - Posted: 01-11-17
  5. Christmas Adventures - Posted: 12-31-16
  6. New Badges and Features! - Posted: 10-23-16
  7. 'Tis the season! - Posted: 10-22-16
  8. Our Plan of Action - Posted: 05-07-16
  9. We need your help! - Depricated - Posted: 08-23-15


Neopets Chat

  1. Neopets News For: 25th May - Posted: 05-25-17
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  7. Neopets News For: 16th May – Moehog Day (late) - Posted: 05-16-17

Gamer Shoutouts