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Shop Neopia Reviews & Testimonials

This page is dedicated to display reviews and testimonials from gamers like yourself! Feel overly impressed with your service? Feel free to share it! 

Share your thoughts and opinions of Shop Neopia!

(Formal apology for the sporadic service through the time period April 10-May2)

292 Testimonies!

Samantha D - Aug 08, 2017

Actually was legit and a very easy process all around. Was able to buy my things and they were delivered within hours. Good, responsive customer service too!

kane - Aug 06, 2017

recently got back onto neopets and didn’t want to screw around rebuilding all the neopoints i lost in forgetting my email.

the first thing i bought was instant delivery, which was indeed instant. bought a couple other things a bit later, and they were given to me within 20 minutes.

i don’t usually review but i’m very impressed by this website! quick delivery and while i’m going to chill for a while now, i will be back again!

J - Jul 24, 2017

Writing this I have already made a few orders, and I am pretty satisfied. Site’s legit, safe and secure. The customer service is also pretty friendly and helpful to answer any questions or concerns one may have. I’m still waiting for one more item to be delivered. The only constructive feedback is to update the estimated time taken to deliver the goods. Instead of 24-48 hours, maybe 24-72 hours would be more accurate of an image, especially to first-time buyers.

Chelsea Ng - Jul 14, 2017

In Shop Neopia’s FAQ, one can see the question: “How long will it take to receive my order?”
The answer to this is “… less than 12 hours, however that can sometimes range up to 24-48 hours … If we expect your order to take more than 24 hours, we will do our best to contact you as soon as possible.”

Reading this reassured me that upon purchase (which also happened to be my first ever), I would get it within two days. I placed an order on July 11… And received the order on July 14.

I was extremely happy with the product delivered! However, this being my first purchase and having it delivered later than expected scared the wits out of me. My hair began to shed; my head, it ached.

God, I couldn’t even kiss my boyfriend without thinking of my delayed order and possibly loss of money. (This is probably because it was my first purchase)

Anyway, I love the product I got, and I can now 100% say that this site is L E G I T. However, I do hope that Shop Neopia would respond to order instructions ASAP and/or update the FAQ. Thanks for the roller-coaster ride SN!

Rachel P - Jul 07, 2017

I’ve used this site for a little while, and recently jumped back in the world of Neo.

Shop Neopia is 100% legitimate, with fantastic customer service, genuine items and incredibly speedy delivery. They provide guides, assistance and a multitude of helpful tidbits ASIDE from the items they sell.

I could not recommend it any more if I tried!

Great job as always, Shop Neopia.

Aster - Jul 04, 2017

This site is legit if your wondering. NP items will come quickly (within a day) while NC items seem to take longer (which is understandable since NC items may be more difficult to obtain quickly). That’s what i’ve gotten from my orders at least.

Customer service is good, they will answer your questions nicely and respond in a reasonable amount of time.

Its seems fishy at first I know but once you buy something you will be nicely surprised when you actually receive it. They also try to deliver in the safest way possible so just make sure you do your research to receive your order safely as well

I haven’t ordered a lot so I can’t keep my word but just know they are ACTUALLY LEGIT and seem to do what they claim

Would order again~

Jose Jimenez - Jun 23, 2017

I’ve purchased from this site twice, first order was small and I received it within a few hours, next order was much larger (10 mil nps) and that took them about 5 days to fulfill. It also may take them a couple days to reply to emails. Overall I’m unsure if I will purchase from them again. Their prices are very good though cheaper than their competitors.

Maria Barrett - Jun 22, 2017

Wow. I only bought a small thing because I couldn’t quite trust I would get it. But omg! I have it now, and I can’t believe how quick, painless and pleasant the transaction was. I got a very friendly email from the team and my hard to find item was delivered in less than 24 hours. The price was the equivalent of half what I would have paid in the NCC and I can’t wait to place more orders! I’m definitely coming back. Very soon!

Victor - Jun 11, 2017

I’ve purchased many pets, these guys do a great job, and get the product to you within 24hrs and give a few confirmation emails. Descriptions are exact and you’ll get what you paid for :)

T - May 28, 2017

I’ve only purchased NC items from here but the service has been amazing. I’ve received most of the orders the following day. Although HTF items take much, much longer, I don’t mind the wait. Thank you to the Shop Neopia team for the fantastic service!

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