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Rayke - Jan 15, 2017

Outstanding customer support, very fast and reliable transfer. Highly recommended! I will surely return to buy more stuff, hopefully some unbuyables drop down in price haha!

Jackie - Jan 10, 2017

Love the site! Have made several purchases, including accounts, paint brushes, morphing potions, backgrounds, etc. Some items can take a while to get to you (I had one that took over a week) but other then that the site is great and is very easy to navigate.

But my favorite feature of the site is the KQ key generator. I have been using it for a few months now and love it…however it looks like it is broken now, or fixed by TNT. :( I hope its not permanently broken, because it has enabled me to afford all the rarest items I’ve only dreamed of having.

Alexander - Jan 07, 2017

Fantastic customer support, fast and legit service. Worth every cent I spent.

Charlie - Jan 07, 2017

Ava and all at neopia, you are amazing. I have purchased a lot from you and have never been disappointed. Thank you so so much :)

George - Jan 04, 2017

Site is very easy to navigate. It’s nice to see they have a support team, and love the instant items :)

Ry Bear - Jan 04, 2017

I bought an instant delivery service. I was pretty skeptical, so I purchased through paypal and did not initially create an account. I got the instant delivery in minutes, and would make continued purchases here :)

Anonymous Shopper - Jan 04, 2017

They’re good, but can take a while. It works perfectly other than that

Kitty - Jan 03, 2017

When I first saw this site, I thought it was too good to be true. I saw things on here that I’ve tried to achieve for years playing this site, and they weren’t even that expensive!
I made a small order to test the site, in case it was a scam. The items got to me fast, no money went missing out of my account and I now have everything I could ever want on this game. I LOVE shop Neopia. The support team is very polite, understanding and trustworthy.

I have made, so many purchases since finding out that this is a legit site.

Defiantly recommended!

Todd Collins - Dec 30, 2016

This is the most trusted site i’ve used. I have my own ‘big 3’ avvie items aswel as avatar stamps. the prices are good, and the discounts are awesome! thank you SN.

Grant - Dec 29, 2016

Great site! I’m gonna go broke now that I know this exists…

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