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louis - Apr 19, 2017

got my purchase. very responsible

Natalie - Apr 16, 2017

This works, y’all. Got all my items pretty promptly, considering one was fairly rare. Recommended. This is not a scam. Thanks!

Sharn - Apr 14, 2017

I’ll be completely honest, I’m a huge sceptic. I have been the victim of online fraud before so I was really weary about this whole thing. But I decided to do some research, look into reviews and study the guides back to front. I made my first purchase which was only a small one just in case it was a scam, that way I didn’t lose too much money. Within 12 hours I had my items delivered to me.

The service was super fast and the customer service was really helpful when I got stuck or needed a question answered. I will definitely be ordering more in the future.

Haileu - Apr 13, 2017

Update: I got my new love today and the pet’s name was not as bad as I expected when buying a BN. I’m so happy with my purchase!

Louis - Apr 10, 2017

Item received fast. Everything went well.

However the customer service is not as good as
I expected. I have emailed them twice regarding my reward point issue but they never reply.

Hailey Craighead - Apr 08, 2017

I haven’t gotten the pet I ordered quite yet, but I did receive the brush just as instantly as they said I would! Oh man, I’m so happy to have my dreams come true after 11+ years on neo! Great service, and if you take precautions it seems safe enough.

Jamie - Apr 06, 2017

I’ve had a pretty similar experience to a lot of the other people here.

At first I was extremely skeptical about buying anything, but after seeing how much work they put into making guides to keep their customers safe, and the large quantity of positive reviews, I decided to give it a try. I’ve ordered a few things from Shop Neopia so far, and everything has been perfect!

The team here responds very quickly, and I’ve gotten all of my orders in a timely manner. I can’t vouch for their customer service when it comes to any issues with an order, but only because I haven’t had any. I definitely recommend SN!

Audra Hill - Mar 28, 2017

I have ordered Probably 40 times from shopneopia. They are amazing, they get me everything I ask for. They respond and deliver fast. I am so happy with every single thing I have ever done with shopneopia. I highly recommend them! I’ve bought listed items, neopoints, custom orders, avatar services, UC pets, everything they offer. They are concerned about the safety of tour account and are very professional. Never ever worry about shopping here!

Tristen Truong - Mar 24, 2017

If you’re feeling nervous about using this product… don’t be! Shop Neopia has been my one-stop shop that has always been accurate when describing their products. They’ve made Neopets that much more enjoyable for me!

Cat - Mar 22, 2017

Number one place to go to when I can’t be bothered to save up NP lol

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