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Shop Neopia Reviews & Testimonials

This page is dedicated to display reviews and testimonials from gamers like yourself! Feel overly impressed with your service? Feel free to share it! 

Share your thoughts and opinions of Shop Neopia!

(Formal apology for the sporadic service through the time period April 10-May2)

355 Testimonies!

Melly Smith - Dec 07, 2018

Relatively new neopets user here, and never bought neopoints/items before. But due to Hurricane Michael my playtime over the last couple months has been severely restricted and I found myself a bit poor with Christmas coming up fast and some amazing neofriends to buy presents for. So I turned to this site and am greatly pleased.

The instant delivery makes me nervous, I don’t like logging onto other accounts. But it got me what I needed quickly. I think in January (or later December) I might look at regular delivery.

Definitely pleased with my first transaction with Shop Neopia, despite my paranoia about logging into other accounts.

DB - Nov 23, 2018

I stumbled across this website while searching for help on getting into an old account. I was recommended a shell starter account which i bought, and in that process, I was helped with getting into my old account, which i was absolutely floored over. I have been a customer ever since. I have never been disappointed with this site. Sure i sometimes expect more with the gambles, but i usually get cheap ones and it clearly states what you get and i’ve never been disappointed really (its called a gamble for a reason). This site is the best for whatever you need, and the customer support is phenomenal.

Jaime - Nov 10, 2018

I am blown away by ShopNeopia!! I came back to Neopets after a 5-6 year hiatus and don’t exactly have the time required to play games all day to earn NP. I was thrilled with my first successful transaction. This site allows me to enjoy Neopets like I’ve always wanted to and I am forever grateful!

Loki - Oct 06, 2018

I have bought from Shop Neopia several times, Thanks to this site I have a complete stamp collection, the big 3 avatar items and all the Paintbrushes that I can carry. I will continue to buy from here

Adam Pierce - Sep 28, 2018 Definitely Worth the sit!

Sometimes it takes a second to get your items unless it’s instant.

But very trustworthy 👍⭐️👍⭐️

L - Sep 27, 2018

Shop Neopia is my go to place for all NC needs. I have purchased from here multiple times and they always get my items to me incredibly fast. Customer service is top notch, and they always answer my questions quickly! They are so friendly and efficient. Definitely recommend them!

Chloe - Sep 25, 2018

I have been wanting to purchase Neopets items online for a long time, but I never did out of fear of getting frozen. A few days ago, I decided to go for it and purchase a Plushie Paint Brush and a few other items, just because. Well, I did. And nothing bad happened! You just need to follow the tips given by ShopNeopia. I would definitely purchase from this site again, and I’m planning to. I love the “random” goodies you can purchase because you never know what you’re going to get!

Vivi S. - Sep 12, 2018

Like the others, I thought this website was too good to be true and thus, a scam. I did a “test purchase” (a Faerie PB w/ Instant Delivery) and now I and my new Faerie Xweetok don’t have any regrets. The delivery was truly instant and the shell account is a nice bonus. I plan to make even more purchases in the future.

Shop Neopia is amazing and I can’t recommend it enough. Don’t be afraid, this place is legit.

Casey - Sep 09, 2018

Didn’t really believe it, and was kind of anxious to see what happened. Like, I spent 99 cents (85cents w/ a discount) for neopoints and if I didn’t get anything, I convinced myself that it would have been fine.
But they really delivered, and sent me emails to reassure me that my order would be delivered, and I got my neopoints. So, this site is legit.

A.L. - Sep 05, 2018

I came across this site while just searching for customisation ideas on google. The reviews seemed pretty legit so I thought I’d just jump straight in and order a UC pet for kicks.

It worked. WTF. Thanks Shopneopia! Now I will have to restrain myself from emptying my bank account.

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