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Cassandra - Dec 07, 2016

Heard many good reviews about this site and decided to check it out after hiatus from NP. Some items are near impossible to buy from TP but this site makes it possible! Amazing selection and prices.

Ally - Dec 05, 2016

Love this site. I have purchased from here many times, and my items have always been delivered promptly. Excellent customer service as well!

Allysia Hamer - Dec 03, 2016

Super fast and efficient, have bought from them multiple times, never have they disappointed.

Thatonegurl - Dec 03, 2016

I’ve bought from here several times and have always gotten the items within 24 hours. Their delivery method is very safe and you never have to worry about being caught. I know it’s not really accepted to do this on Neopets, but some items are just WAY to ridiculous to save up for! 7m Neopoints for a Meowclops just for the Avie? OMG! Nope!

Heather - Dec 02, 2016

This is like my 100th time buying from this site. I use it all the time – Mainly for NC items that people wont trade or are asking for silly items. Always got them within a good amount of time. Everything is safe, some items and NPs even come on a shell account.

So very happy with the service and will keep using them!!

Dylan - Nov 29, 2016

First time shopping here. It was a pleasant experience. I shall return soon!

katrina duda - Nov 26, 2016

still waiting on my order, took more than a day so far

Danielle - Nov 20, 2016

Recently purchased my first order from this site of about 3 items a little less than $10 since I was skeptical. I am glad to say I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and will be purchasing again in the future. Staff was very helpful correcting the error in my order and items were delivered in reasonable time. Will be ordering again :)

ST - Nov 17, 2016

Fast and efficient, will buy again. cheapest neopoints i’ve found so far.

Savannah - Nov 05, 2016

Love this site! I’ve purchased from here quite a few times and have never been disappointed. Super convenient website design and very easy to get around and find exactly what I need!

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