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Update pt.2 for Rewards System

Okay so captain up implemented their newest changes and it appears to have broken the rewards system even further. 

None to worry though, I have designed my own rewards system that incorporates directly into your Shopneopia account. 

It will work relatively the same, however, points are distrubuted like this.

Purchases - 1pt for every penny. $1 = 100 points
Reviews - 100pts a review of products you've purchased (adding a verification)

And then of course i'll make some achievements as well.


The change in rewards system will carry over all of your purchases points. Achievements (if already achieved) you will be able to redeem immediately, some you may have to do over and i'm extremely sorry about that. However reviews wont carry over, this is because i have to do some special coding to apply your points to your account when you leave a review. You can expect all of this done by Weds. 

Much love everybody. and sorry again for captain up. They hit me with the broken app while I was traveling home to see my parents. Which is why I wasn't able to inform everyone sooner. 

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