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31 Days of Christmas:

UC Price Guide, New UC Gamble and Guides

After a long... long time of pricing and checking accounts to ensure everything is copacetic we are ready for the new gamble. So tonight at midnight the new gamble will be live with over 300+ pets to gamble!

The UC section is getting it's overall as well as some of the gamble collection. With much needed price adjustments and stock adjustments. New guides are being written to ensure everyone is doing their part to ensure safety. 

I want to note, with the UC promo going on, it would not be smart to buy a UC and take it to the PC or anywhere immediately WHATS SO EVER. I imagine some will still do it and disregard any warnings they are given, but don't let it be you! Take your time and move your new pet very slowly according to our recommendations. If you got something you don't want you could always possibly resell it on Neopoint Exchange! 

We also have a UC price guide that we are going to be releasing, where shoppers can leave price suggestions of UC's they purchase according to its popularity, rarity, availability etc. 

We hope this will help keep a more accurate and stable pricing system. We have combined forces with some large UC suppliers to accomplish this. 

Anyways now I'm rambling. Enjoy the new gamble! Each product has a 1/4 chance of winning, this does not mean 1 out of every 4 will be a winner. This is just the probability. We ask that no one leaves a comment if they win out of respects for the gamble. If you win on the first pick, then congrats. If you get a loser then please do not leave a comment as well. If you wish to leave a review of the gamble, please do so. But only of what is inside the account, if anything (I personally have no idea), as an extra bonus outside of the pet. 

PS. We know we don't have one for each species, but we got a lot! We concluded there weren't enough spares if any at all to use for some of the species.

PPS. Refer to product descriptions to know what you are gambling for!

May the odds be ever in your favor!

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Customer Rewards Headquarters

Hey gamer! We opted out for a flat, boring, and impossible to save basic rewards program and whipped up something that gives you convenience and a TON more ways to save. Our system is 100% coded by us. Which means no third party extension or extra logins, giving us full control on how you earn your points! Just by becoming a member of our little corner of the web your already well on your way to earning discounts.

The way our system works is simple, by participating with our store you will naturately earn points to up your discount. There are three ways to earn points. Purchases, Product Reviews (with a catch), and Achievements. The point breakdown is graphed below (scroll down), however before you read that. We know that we reward for how much is spent, but to counter we reward for every product review. So if your a frequent small item buyer, we thought it would give you a leveling field against a person who may spend more on a single product or two. But wait! Before you sneak away to go review products. We also made sure only customers who have purchased the product they are reviewing can leave a review.

Purchase = 1pts per .01 spent  Product Reviews = 100pts per  UB Price Check = 5pts per item

Sign up with our store and save today! If you already have an account with us, then don't worry. Your progress has already been recorded. :) Please sign in to pick up where you left off!