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Trick-or-Treat Grab Bag's UPDATE!

Hey guys, so we took your feedback and reassessed the way the gamble is designed. 

After taking into consideration the Win/Loss ratio and potential payout, we think it is reasonable to cut the price down to $19.99 to produce a much better, more stable gamble. We did not mess with any of the stock, we just simply re-evaluated the risk vs reward and came up with a new price point.

The reason last price was higher is because the shells aren't really empty. All shell's contain at least a consolation prize ranging from 100k-1mil respectively. Which was accounted for in the original price point. Therefore if luck is against you, you will not be left completely empty-handed, but it drove up the total NP value of the gamble.

With the new price point, if you were unlucky, you hopefully won't be overpaying too much for your prize.. Or you could, get a string of losers still in which we are truly sorry for but can do nothing about. We scramble and load into instant, instant delivers in the order we load it. So everything that is delivered is scrambled and sent out randomly. No way to play favorites, no nothing. It's 100% legit gamble. YOU, *points at you*, could be lucky and get something amazing for $20!

We plan to further discount these as the month goes on. That being said, they are getting bought and we only loaded 150 of these. At time of writing there are 132 left and as price point falls, so does the amount of stock leftover. So who's gonna walk away on top first, is it gonna be you?

Note: These are real gambles and not rigged. If you buy a string of accounts and they all turn up empty, we are truly sorry but this is the risk you take. The string could have just as well had multiple winners. On the bright side, you just hooked up the next person in line for an awesome gambling experience!

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Customer Rewards Headquarters

Hey gamer! We opted out for a flat, boring, and impossible to save basic rewards program and whipped up something that gives you convenience and a TON more ways to save. Our system is 100% coded by us. Which means no third party extension or extra logins, giving us full control on how you earn your points! Just by becoming a member of our little corner of the web your already well on your way to earning discounts.

The way our system works is simple, by participating with our store you will naturately earn points to up your discount. There are three ways to earn points. Purchases, Product Reviews (with a catch), and Achievements. The point breakdown is graphed below (scroll down), however before you read that. We know that we reward for how much is spent, but to counter we reward for every product review. So if your a frequent small item buyer, we thought it would give you a leveling field against a person who may spend more on a single product or two. But wait! Before you sneak away to go review products. We also made sure only customers who have purchased the product they are reviewing can leave a review.

Purchase = 1pts per .01 spent  Product Reviews = 100pts per  UB Price Check = 5pts per item

Sign up with our store and save today! If you already have an account with us, then don't worry. Your progress has already been recorded. :) Please sign in to pick up where you left off!