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Happy New Year:

Sell Your Neopets Goods!

Soon,  very very soon, Shop Neopia will release our secure marketplace for Neopians to trade amongst each other on.

You can visit the site at however, there is a password at this time as it is not completely ready yet. Writing in all the guides and content and then we are ready!

Anyways, just wanted to update everyone that is what I, Matt have been up to for the past 2 weeks. During that time Tyler was away with his family, so things were a little chaotic. But trust me it was worth it. 

Our platform is integrated into your Neopoint Exchange account. All you need to do is sign into the store and visit your account page in which you see the portal to the seller dashboard. 

We created a space that users can buy and sell anonymously while keeping it safe and secure for everyone. Not only do we offer buyer protection but we also offer seller protection! That's right, part of the commissions received we set aside for our Gamer Guardian Fund. We insure "Verified" sellers with 5 products listed up to $100 per order. 

We gave it a lot of thought with how we should do it and what we should allow. So the breakdown is like this.
- All products at this time is instant delivery only, meaning sellers are required to place onto a shell account first before selling.
- We only allow 1 unit of stock at a time because of the way it all works and to allow everyone a chance to sell. 24 hrs must transpire before a seller can restock their item. However, one could create another identical product if they wish. 
- It is considered a free market, however any extreme outliers not bought within a reasonable amount of time will be removed from the market. We understand some people might want to sell their item quick, but if thats the case they can list it in our auction house over there.

On a buyers perspective, you have the luxury of all hands working together. You also get the best price possible since there is competition. One could easily purchase grab bags or account packs (soon to come) to resell on the exchange. 

The website has a bunch of cool features as well. 

Once it is launched in the next few days. I will be working my butt off on ShopNeopia. Cleaning up the edges, making everything run again. Then I'll be converting almost all my attention to our stock since we seem to be having some issues here and there.

I remind our customers that i suffer from cluster headaches so sometimes my efficiency of work can be hindered. My past cluster has been lasting for a very long time, almost chronic now since it's been over a year, but i do get some remission periods (when everything gets done rapidly around the store basically :( ). Not to complain though, eventually the doctors and I will figure it out.  


I think that's all for now, Tyler is back so things will be picking back up. Stay tuned for Neopoint Exchanges launch!


William Boyd - Jan 01, 2019

I really wanna be apart of the exchange and have been waiting for over 6 months for the release finally! This is a genius idea, I hope you guys actually fallow through with it. I volunteer as Beta? I buy daily from you guys, just by my purchases alone you should know I have lots to offer ;)


Spk - Jun 05, 2018

Amazing news

D - May 13, 2018

How exciting!! Looking forward to this rollout, it’s thrilling.
Take some rest if you need for your headaches! Best of luck.

Tim Smith - May 13, 2018

Can I be part of this exchange?

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