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POLL: Upcoming UC Gamble Promotion

Hello guys! A lots been going on, I know. Aren't you excited? I sure as heck am.

As great as it was to be at the recent wedding, I'm even more excited to be back and ready to execute. In the midst of new stock, new items, new sales, and a new website altogether we also want to bring you something new and much needed.

With this though, we would like to get some feedback before rolling out the promotion. Here are our ideas;

1. UC's in 4 tiers VWN- VBN mixed Species and Colors. Separated by "USD value".
Note: Less Risk, Less Reward. 

2. UC's separated by Species but get a random "color" and name between DN-VWN which would randomize the value of the pet. For example, if Grarrl were the species you could get a VWN Grey Grarrl or a DN Royal Grarrl, names completely random.
Note: Big Risk, Big Reward.
3. UC's separate by species and color. You gamble for the name format. For example, you want a Faerie Aisha. You could get a BN or VWN one.
Note: Less Risk, Less Reward 

All gambles will be priced following this format:
Example 1.
10 pets - $15 value each
5 pets - $20 value each
3 pets - $30 value each
2 pets - $40 value each
Total value: $420

Sell each for $21. 1/4 Chance of Winning. 

Example 2.
10 Dari - Grey Grarrl BN-VWN ~ roughly $25 each
5 Mara Grarrl BN - VWN ~ roughly $35 each
3 Faerie Grarrl BN - VWN ~ roughly $90 each
2 Plushie/RG BN - VWN ~ roughly $210 each
Total value: $1115

Sell each for $55.75. 1/4 Chance of Winning.

Note: The spread may be much larger or less depending on name format availability. 

Example 3.
10 BN - $30 value each
5 DN - $40 value each
3 WN - $60 value each
2 VWN - $80 value each

Total Value: $840

Sell each for $42. 1/4 Chance of Winning

To Vote Simply Comment With 1, 2, or 3. Reason's optional.


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Robert - Jul 22, 2018


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