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Matt is Sick

Hey guys Matt checking in. 

I recently flew back home from traveling and I guess i caught the flu on the plane.

I've been on Nyquil trying to beat the sickness so I can give you guys great content again which I had to put on pause about 2 weeks ago due to traveling.

I'm a tough cookie though, this sickness won't be here long. It is however holding me back from coding with a clear head so i'd rather wait until i'm feeling better before really cracking down on things.


I hope you understand and had a wonderful holiday!




Tammie - Jan 25, 2018

I hope you’re feeling better!

Desu - Jan 08, 2018

It will be worth the wait ^^
Traveling sucks for getting sick, feel better

Kawaii - Jan 08, 2018

Rest up and feel better soon! Looking forward to the new things to come.

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