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Games Master Challenge 2019 Day 2 Challenges

Team Knights

Title Challenge Prize
Save the Biscuits! Send a minimum score of 1100 or higher playing Biscuit Brigade: Hagan's Last Stand.
Its Raining Bullets Send a minimum score of 200 or higher playing Skies Over Meridell.
Brrrrrr! Send scores in five different qualifying games from Terror Mountain. Only the flash games are eligible. In other words, no Snow Wars or Scratchcards.)

Team Raiders

Title Challenge Prize
Ewwww, Gross! Send a minimum score of 15000 or higher playing Snot Splatter.
Qui Vive! Reach a score of 5500 or greater playing Piper Panic.
Booo! Send scores in five different qualifying games from Haunted Woods.  Only the flash games are eligible. In other words, no Bagatelle, Brain Tree Quest, Coconut Shy, Cork Gun Gallery, Fetch!, Test Your Strength or Scratchcards.
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