Christmas Adventures

Hey gamers, it's me Matt reporting in after the holidays.

I know I was not able to update the sale therefore I will be rolling the sale into January while our New Year promotion is active. 

The plot was held off this month since we had a month long sale in motion. However the plot is to be released on the new year.


A little about my Holiday break... I got to visit my hometown and see my friends and family I have not been able to see for a few years. To make things better, my girlfriend tagged along with me. :) I could go on and on about this holiday and what has made it great but I don't want to bore you.

This New Year we have plans to go out with some of my old friends. But no fireworks I don't think this year.

I hope everyone has been safe during their break/ time off. And cheers to a new year, wherever you may be. Please update us about your holiday adventures below.

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