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31 Days of Christmas:

Bigger UC Sale + Updates!

Hey guys it's been a minute since we have really checked in or done much, as it may seem. But behind the scenes we have a lot of updates to give you!

- We built a server to host programs and app's I coded to help run the stores sales and keep products in stock regularly, before they would fail from our wifi or whatever means going out and was becoming a hassle to maintain. App's including the Auction Script, Neopets News and Dailies. To be built, price aggregation app to ensure you are getting the best price possible and more! The first programs that have just completed being built were stock bots. So expect much more to come in the next week.

- I coded a Neopets Python wrapper in prep of Neopoint Exchange! This will have complete documentation so you can piece it together and create your own bot, which you could in-turn sell on the marketplace! It has the most up-to-date modules and a completely recoded link retrieving scheme, login, pwchecking functions and more. The wrapper will include functions to scan each aspect of an account, remove things from different parts of an account, change preferences etc. With the given get/post method's you can essentially do anything! All headers and cookies are kept up to date as your bot progresses based on responses Neopets gives back.

- We've hired a wonderful writer to do all of our stores copy-write to make sure all of our content is up to speed. 

- Our second store BuyNeopointsCheap is becoming active again and we are currently stocking it. It's bot's will be running as well in the coming next week. We plan to link the two stores, via an app to keep customers updated between the two stores so things like your discount can be carried over and worked towards on both stores! 

- In the next couple of days we will have a new assortment of main account's stocked up on both stores and will continue to keep a steady supply of them coming in.

- Much more! Check back daily and watch the magic happen!

As mentioned before, we were playing a little bit of catch-up for the past few months and have still maintained being the best at what we do. Now it's time to take it to the next level. I apologize for the wait on Neopoint Exchange, it just has to be done right or not done at all in my opinion. Patience will be rewarded.

In reward for everyone's patience we discounted ALL UC GAMBLES! These gambles discounts range from 5%-15% OFF! ALL of them are on SALE and have OLD prices (based off after-market supply, not on-site). Meaning they are VERY discounted right now! Get em while they last!

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Customer Rewards Headquarters

Hey gamer! We opted out for a flat, boring, and impossible to save basic rewards program and whipped up something that gives you convenience and a TON more ways to save. Our system is 100% coded by us. Which means no third party extension or extra logins, giving us full control on how you earn your points! Just by becoming a member of our little corner of the web your already well on your way to earning discounts.

The way our system works is simple, by participating with our store you will naturately earn points to up your discount. There are three ways to earn points. Purchases, Product Reviews (with a catch), and Achievements. The point breakdown is graphed below (scroll down), however before you read that. We know that we reward for how much is spent, but to counter we reward for every product review. So if your a frequent small item buyer, we thought it would give you a leveling field against a person who may spend more on a single product or two. But wait! Before you sneak away to go review products. We also made sure only customers who have purchased the product they are reviewing can leave a review.

Purchase = 1pts per .01 spent  Product Reviews = 100pts per  UB Price Check = 5pts per item

Sign up with our store and save today! If you already have an account with us, then don't worry. Your progress has already been recorded. :) Please sign in to pick up where you left off!