Auction House & Hourly Deals added!

We have been tampering with add-ons to the store to create an auction style type page for great products. Unfortunately every attempt kept falling flat. 

The idea of the auction is, every day the price is reduced by 10% from its reduced price. The catch is, some items being auction are one time stock items or very limited quantity. Therefore if someone grabs an item before you, it may be gone forever. :(

However! I have recently taught myself how to code Python programming language and have been able to create these applications myself. 

Starting Jan 29th, the Auction House will be officially in business. 

In addition to the Auction House we have added Hourly Deals found on our homepage. Select products we have in stock for instant delivery are put on sale for one hour. Once the timer is up, the products are taken off sale and new products are put in sale. Act fast or the product you've been eyeing may be no longer on sale/ gone!


The SN Plot was postponed due to having to get major coding projects done to give you the website and interaction you've been longing for!

It is now under new development since I've learned some new things ;) I'm stoked!

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