We need your help! - Depricated

Alright guys, so as you have noticed we recently changed up how we reward you. This will be completed with a 40% discount code as the top level! 

However, after weeks of trying to consult with web developers to finish this project we have not been able to find anyone suitable for the job.

Whats the most upsetting is that the problem we have, we have a solution for but do not have the proper coding knowledge. Everyone we seem to contact want to design a full blown store verses making a few adjustments that we need. (so they get paid more money.)


Until this is fixed we can not fully launch our giveaway, contest, and raffle page since everything flows into one another.


So lets cut to the chase right? 

We need your help!

Many Neopets players are aspiring design and web development enthusiasts. And we hope some of which enjoy our store.

Okay okay, so, our problem is showing discount codes to customers based on their level with our rewards system. This is a problem at the moment for two reasons;
1. We can not see guests who level up, therefore can not reward discounts.

2. We cant instantly deliver discount codes based on rank.

However, we have all the documentation needed, and it is very do-able. We have a website we can refer to, to see exactly what we are looking for.

The solution to this problem is easy, just needs proper coding. We need a location on the store, where at all times it will show the discount code for the level that the current user browsing is. So if a guest gets up to level 5 before clearing their cookies or cache then they will be able to have their discount code. (and not have to wait for us to send one)


What we are offering.

To any of those we who are up to the task, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT US!

This will greatly enhance everyone's experience on Shop Neopia. In addition to this, we will pay you with CASH or over-pay you with in-store credit!

Thats not all though. Here at Shop Neopia we are continuously expanding our Neopets network to provide the ultimate Neopets experience. You WILL have future work and will be payed each step of the way.


Lets build a better Neopia, together! Work with us today!


Resolutions have been made, thank you to all who have contacted us. Stay tuned!


Cam Iyam - Aug 29, 2015

I also might be able to help if it’s not too late. Not sure what you’d need, but i’m pretty smart/tech savvy. Contact me through this e-mail. Thank you! <3

Nathália - Aug 24, 2015

Hey! I might be able to help you… just need a few days to do the base code. I can leave comments on where you will have to fill in. Contact me through my e-mail! Thanks.

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