What are recycled UC's?

So what exactly is a recycled UC? And how does the way Shop Neopia secure them in advance for their buyers for maximum safety?

Excellent question folks and I'll tell you what and how. First, a recycled UC is a UC that has been abandoned by its owner. The age in which we consider abandoned is 3 years minimum of signs of inactivity. Here we can see they have been left to rot and will not be missed. 

Now that we have obtained the UC we must secure the UC for our buyers properly and safely. To do so we move the UC's to an account. We then stealth the account and birthday lock the account for an extra safety precaution.

By stealthing the account we not only scare off any potential hackers, we also make it impossible to tell the activity of the account. You can easily change the name and location of the account and claim it to be  your own side.

How is this beneficial to me?

Simply professionalism. We are the only ones who pre-secure pets for our customers to fullest length. Even if a customer wants a direct transfer, the pet comes from unmarked and unindexed accounts. When we transfer we go the mile to clear all traces and to change the information on the account to match yours. 


Our goal is to create the safest, reliable, and dedicated market around. We strive to make buying unconverted neopets a breeze. 

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