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St. Patricks Day Sale:

31 Days of Christmas is on!

Hey guys, bare with me for a few more minutes while I make last minute adjustments and get the sale launched. I had a minor set back teaching myself a little javascript to make our alert feature a little crisper since daylights saving messed it up. Everything should be up to speed there!

During the month of December for 25 days leading up to Christmas, products will be put on sale each day. The products will be kept on sale until the end of the month.

- Other Updates -

NeopointExchange will be launched by the end of this month. Right now it is completely offline due to changing my debit card (someone hacked my Domino's account of all things and ordered hundreds of dollars of pizza >_> LOL?). It will be up, running, and open to the public to kick off the new year.

The rewards program is getting sync'd as we speak with our second store BuyNeopointsCheap. It will take a couple days for everything to take effect, but once it has you can shop seamlessly between the stores. We merge rewards info via Customer Account email's. To avoid complications, we will try to merge customer account information so your login info works for both websites. We might run into issues with customers who use alternative login like Facebook or Google+ so their are no promises. Help us out by signing up with your email so we can make this dream a seamless reality.

Email marketing campaign is going to get a MASSIVE rework. I know some of the automated emails can be really annoying and I'm sorry I just simply haven't had the chance to get around to it with so much going on and just me (literally) doing all the coding, technical mumbo jumbo front-end and back-end. Fortunately this time around I'm quite skilled than I was before starting out so things will look better, be better, operate better, and just overall perform better.

Love you guys! Happy Holidays!


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Customer Rewards Headquarters

Hey gamer! We opted out for a flat, boring, and impossible to save basic rewards program and whipped up something that gives you convenience and a TON more ways to save. Our system is 100% coded by us. Which means no third party extension or extra logins, giving us full control on how you earn your points! Just by becoming a member of our little corner of the web your already well on your way to earning discounts.

The way our system works is simple, by participating with our store you will naturately earn points to up your discount. There are three ways to earn points. Purchases, Product Reviews (with a catch), and Achievements. The point breakdown is graphed below (scroll down), however before you read that. We know that we reward for how much is spent, but to counter we reward for every product review. So if your a frequent small item buyer, we thought it would give you a leveling field against a person who may spend more on a single product or two. But wait! Before you sneak away to go review products. We also made sure only customers who have purchased the product they are reviewing can leave a review.

Purchase = 1pts per .01 spent  Product Reviews = 100pts per  UB Price Check = 5pts per item

Sign up with our store and save today! If you already have an account with us, then don't worry. Your progress has already been recorded. :) Please sign in to pick up where you left off!