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30% Cash Back Rebate Codes For Purchases Made With LiteCoin or BitCoin

Hello Neopians,

At Shop Neopia, we like to stay ahead when it comes to all things digital. After a successful 2017 for Cryptocurrencies, it is finally possible that we can bring you some of them as a payment processor. Matt is a huge Cryptocurrency investor and has been very successful this past year when it comes to investing.

The idea behind accepting cryptocurrencies is the long term growth of the overall market cap. The market cap has grown hundreds of BILLIONS since the start. By encouraging you to purchase with crypto currencies we help you learn a new trade, and possibly encourage you to purchase some extra coin to store away. We project both LTC and BTC to grow exponentially over the next coming years. 

After purchase you are required to contact us to redeem your coupon code.
(It's simply too much for us to check every order and see where it came from)

To purchase using cryptocurrencies is easy. Simply create a free account with Coinbase. Using the link provided you will get a free $10! Verify your account, attach your card or bank and purchase through their state of the art platform. 

It may take some time for the coin to be authorized and purchased for the first time. I normally deposit money into the USD wallet on coinbase, this way my purchases are instant and I get my coin immediately. Granted it still takes roughly 3-7 business days for my monday to be credited to my balance.

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