Our Plan of Action

As some have noticed, we have taken down some products from the store for the time being.

This is because of the new implementation TNT have made. To be honest with everyone, they targeted our storage accounts and many others storage accounts as well. 

They FIXED the password glitch too though! That's good news!

So the accounts and similar usernames had their passwords changed, so you can imagine we lost a lot of our stock in instant delivery.


But, it's okay. 

We took down instant delivery until we go through the current loaded stock and take out what is bad and put in the new.

We also took down grab bags for the moment until we sort out past grab bags. What I mean is, since the PW glitch has been fixed. A fair bit of buyers had original passwords since the new password didn't work... well now the new password works. So we are busy working on sorting that for our customers first. We have everything logged, old and new. We even know if neither will work :o.


This will not take longer than this weekend I assure you. 


Our products were about to undergo a major revamp in the way our store is navigated. It's going to be awesome. So, while clearing out instant I can also revamp the products.

So I ask you guys, please excuse the mess (the homepage looks blah! :( ) and don't fret because we are still working and filling orders round clock. We are at your service!

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