Secure & Transfer your Neopoints SAFELY!

Guide to Securing Neopoints safely

This guide will be written using tips we have used for years, information no others have released before. Keeping our private fortune of neopoints safe from hackers, thieves, and anyone else that could be a threat. Later on in the guide you will run across our ten step process to securing neopoints safely.

Things you will need:

  1. VPN (Virtual Private Network), a vpn extends a private network across the internet it allows a device to send and receive data while looking like it’s on the private network. We recommend PureVPN.
  2. Two Browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox) anyone of them will work. We personally use Firefox and Chrome.


You will open one of your browsers (suggested Firefox/Chrome) then proceed to go to login to your main account. Then you will go to the trading post. For every (500,000nps) you’re securing you will open up 1 trade. So if you have 5,000,000nps to secure you must open up 10 trades. (500,000 * 10 = 5,000,000).

Now you will clear your cookies and cache on the browser.

To do this on chrome you will navigate to the chrome menu in the right hand corner of the screen. Select on tools, click on clear browsing data, when the dialog appears you will click on Cache and Cookies. Select ‘Beginning of Time’ then click clear browsing data.

Here’s how you will do it on firefox (Click Here)

Turn on that VPN that we discussed earlier and go to again.

Log into the complimentary account you have. Go to the trades you have set up on your main account. Make the offer of 500,000nps on each trade and proceed to log out of the complimentary account, turn off the vpn and clear your cookies and cache again as seen above. Accept the trades on your main account, and you’ve securely moved your neopoints successfully.


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