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Keeping your UC's SAFE!


       At Shop Neopia, we are dedicated to selling you the safest Unconverted Neopets possible! Our primary focus is helping to keep your investment protected, so we'd like to offer you the following tips. If you read and follow this guide in its entirety, you will be able to enjoy your UC purchase with a great sense of security!


The Basics

       In order for you to keep your UCs safe, you need to have a basic understanding of what people may look for when trying to ascertain a pets legitimacy. The two main areas of vulnerability are the cache (or lack of), and the account the UC is kept on. A "cache of a page" is the snapshot held in a search engine webcache, readily visible to anyone. Before considering your UC to be a "cached UC", the snapshot should be updated to include the username of the account you are holding it on. This proving the UC is on an active account and not recently removed from a dormant shell account. A respectable account is an account that is moderately-to-well built up. You might consider ensuring the account has a reasonable amount of avatars and other collections, perhaps trophies and certainly other Neopets alongside the UC. A nice userlookup can make a great first impression. If this seems like too much work, you might consider buying one of our main accounts to help get you started.
typical neopets account
An example of a typical account that could have several UCs.
(This is a random userlookup, unassociated with Shop Neopia)

Wait, so how do I get a cache?

       Updating (or creating) your pets cache is actually quite simple. You can either ensure the page gets lots of views, or update the petlookup regularly to encourage the search engine to create an updated snapshot. One way to make this easier is to get an auto refresher, which is a free add-on that you can download for Google Chrome or Firefox. We recommend setting the delay between refreshes to ~2 minutes in order to avoid suspicion. You can leave the auto-refresher turned on on the pet lookup for as long as you’d like, but remember to use a separate browser that is not logged in; using programs is a freezable offence! You might want to consider giving the pet a fancy pre-made lookup and a nice description before attempting this. This way, when it does gain a cache, it looks loved and legitimate! If you'd prefer not to use programs, another way to update a cache is to constantly update/change the page. Google spiders index pages with a certain amount of activity, whether that be page views or updated content. You might try writing a description for your pet one word at a time, saving and leaving time between words. You can combine both methods, updating the petlookup daily and using the auto refresher, but you will find that safely caching a pet takes time - personally, we think the added security makes the wait worth it.


How else can I avoid suspicion?

       Alongside your updated caches and "UC appropriate" account, the most important thing to consider doing is staying quiet. The less people you talk to onsite when you acquire your new pet, the better. If you only have a couple of close friends on neo and you don’t hang out on the Neoboards (namely the pound chat), you are less likely to be interrogated about your UCs, and it is far less likely that someone will become suspicious. Unfortunately, some people do get jealous and will report you without any real evidence against you. To avoid this you should not brag or even bring up the subject that you have a new UC, even to close friends. Customize the pet and treat the pet just like any of your others, as though you have had it for a long time. Act casual!
customized xweetox
Even a simple neopoint customization can make all the difference.

What if I still get called out?

       This is probably the most used story when explaining how the newest member of your neo-family got there. It’s best not to go the ‘Look what a kind gifter gave me!’ route, because think realistically; would someone just give a complete stranger a rare and sought after UC Neopet? No! For the most part, only a close friend would give somebody else a UC, normally when they are quitting. That is the best story to tell if you have to use an excuse. Exchange some neomails between the two accounts before transferring the pet, and after about a week or two, adopt out the UC to a side account of yours. You can even screenshot the neomails and just blur out the username (say that they asked you not to post their name), and act like you were close friends. You should then cache the pet on your side account before moving it to your main. Remember: Only use this excuse if absolutely necessary, such as if somebody calls you out. You never want to freely offer information about anything!



       All in all, we, the staff here at Shop Neopia, care deeply about the safety of every customer that comes to our site. We are committed to keeping our customers as safe as possible, and with this guide you’re sure to do just that! Remember, everything should be done in moderation, so take your time when moving your new UC onto your account. If you have any further questions, always feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to help you out!
Enjoy your brand new unconverted pet!

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