Unchecked Account Grab Bags Live! EXPIRED


** This is a gamble** ** This is a gamble **

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Have you recently been frozen? Do you wish to take on a new main account to build up? Like receiving your things instantly?

Our Account Grab Bags are for you!

What will you pull from the bag? Will it be unconverted pets? Enormous collections? Highly sought after avatars? Possibly the most perfectly named pets you have ever seen!?


NEW: All accounts intermediate and advanced are UNCHECKED! Last seen: A long, long time ago

  • Possible LOADED safety deposit boxes.
  • Possible MILLIONS of pure neopoints hidden within.
  • A UB gallery that was deposited before quitting!
  • What will you uncover? Care to take a chance?

We started checking the basic accounts, just to make sure there are more winners! It's hard to tell from the appearance of lower end accounts.


"Do not buy if you can't handle getting practically nothing, since there is a chance you may. Then again, you could get a lot of something. If you are content with your loose change your about to "test your luck" with I wish you the best of luck! Nothing makes me happier than a winners reaction :)" - Matt, Co-Owner


Platinum Grab Bag (Advanced + PRDK UC)
These are accounts just like our advanced grab bags. However these accounts contain 1-2 UC neopets on it that is considered PRDK.
Some of the neopets include;
UC Darigan Draik
UC Royalgirl Aisha
UC Plushie Shoyru

All accounts are 200+ Avatars. Contents within are unknown.
Ultimate Grab Bag (UC Advanced Grab Bag)
These are accounts just like our advanced grab bags. However these accounts contain 1-2 UC neopets on them.
Some of the neopets include;
UC Faerie Pteri
UC Grey Kougra
UC Grey Yurble
UC Darigan Bori
UC Darigan Kau

All accounts are 200+ Avatars. Contents within are unknown.
Advanced Grab Bag
These are accounts with 200+ Avatars. We know our past accounts were not that great on average (a few of you were some truly lucky winners O3O). It was not our fault, honest! We even took the loss for a few people. So in response to this we have raised the bar and have found a much better pool of accounts. We added 64 accounts to the queue. You can check out the new responses below if you don't believe us!

Things you could find;
100+ Shop/ Gallery Size
BD Pet 500 HSD+
Limeted Edition Ice Pets
Nice Retired Avatars
Plot Points
ETS Items
Low Tier UC Pets

These accounts are so much better than our last batch we guarantee you will come back for another. (That is if you don't get one from the old batch, there are still 12 left!)
Intermediate Grab Bag
125-199 Avatars
We have added new stock to these as well! A much better pool of accounts, accounts can come with BD pets of 600 HSD+, 20 + trophies, HUGE shops! Whats on the inside? We have no idea, but these must produce better results surely if they look good on the outside right?
Things you could find;
BD Pets 500 HSD+
UC Pets
Unbuyable Items
400+ Shop Size
Overall nice starter mains!
Basic Grab Bag
75-124 Avatars
Due to how hard it is to tell to whom an account belongs to ( may be someones side D: ) and the great possibility of the accounts being empty we have taken the liberty to check these accounts. Since we are checking them, there will be a limit to how much you can find, but we can guarantee one thing with this one. There are 20 winners and there are 20 losers. Which one are you?

*NEW* Ultimate Grab Bags = Advanced + 1UC *NEW*

*NEW* Platinum Grab Bags = Advanced + PRDK UC *NEW*


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Account Grab Bags?
These are simply sets of accounts that are sorted into four different categories.
1. 75-124 avatars
2. 125-199 avatars
3. 200+ avatars
4. 200+ avatars + 1 UC

You will receive "grab a random account from the bag", so to speak. Each account that you buy will be random, the only thing that we take into consideration when placing accounts into each category is the number of avatars. These accounts are completely unchecked. All of them are long long ago! They may be loaded with retired avatars, elite trophies, old site themes, large galleries, and collections of all sorts! Will you strike gold and pull an account worth up to three times what you paid?!

What can I find with my gamble?

Apart from getting an account with the specified amount of avatars you may also get VVWN pets, pure neopoints, unbuyable easy to sell items, battledome weapons, paint brushes, HUGE safety deposit boxes, and more. However, there is still a chance that you might grab nothing at all. There is no guarantee other than avatar counts since these accounts have never before been logged into!

Do low avatar count accounts have any true value?
Absolutely! Some of our low avatar accounts include tons of retired avatars, trophies, battledome pets, and game trophies. In our honest opinion, these are the more likely to grab an account worth triple what you paid for.

How will I receive my account?
We have decided to make our account grab bags completely instant! Once you place an order, you will receive an email with the login credentials for your new account(s)! For more information on instant delivery, please click here.

How can I stay safe while playing on my new account?
We often suggest using Tor Browser to access accounts that are purchased from us. Tor Browser is a fantastic program to avoid your accounts being linked with your home IP address, because it tricks websites into thinking that the account is being logged into from a different IP address. However, Tor Browser assigns you a different IP address each time you open it up, and that can cause problems when you are accessing the account multiple times. After too many logins from different IPs, TNT will likely notice that the logins don't match up. This can cause some confusion on their end, and will likely end in them freezing your account for suspicious activity. Since you will be playing on these accounts over a longer period of time (presumably), we would suggest using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) instead. A virtual private network is something that changes your IP, however it allows you to login from the same location/IP address whenever you need to! There are free VPNs out there, however we would suggest investing in a membership for a high quality VPN like Hide My Ass!, or Hotspot Shield.

If you would prefer not to pay for a VPN, you can use proxies as well. Try to find one that is labeled as "elite", as those are the best proxies to use and can easily be configured into your browser. If this is the route you wish to take, we suggest using two browsers; that way you can stay logged into each account simultaneously. If for any reason you need to log out of your account, be sure to clear the cache & cookies to log out instead of actually pressing the log out button.

I need some help, can I contact you?
Absolutely! We love to hear from our customers, whether you are looking for more information on something, or leaving us feedback on our service! We have a readily available support staff ready to answer any of your questions! You can contact us via this page.



These products are non-refundable. This is considered a gamble! All accounts have never been logged into before, find riches or find nothing! By clicking the catalog button above you are agreeing to reading and understanding the terms of our promotion.


May the odds be ever in your favor!




Jamie - Aug 30, 2015

hi are the account grab bags still available ? if so, how much are the intermediate and advanced bags ? :)

Jade - Mar 17, 2015


50M PURE and 2K items in the SDB also a fully stocked shop and gallery!!! Im soooo happy :D:D

I purchased an intermediate bag

stel - Mar 16, 2015

All I can say is these guys rock bought an advanced grab bag!! and I got well over what I spent the entire time buying from the site. amazing amazing amazing (Y)(Y)(Y) tottaly worth it WILL AND AM SO GONNA DO IT AGIAN :):):)

Sammie - Mar 07, 2015

So I decided to buy another 2 advanced bags.
1st one; 2 OK pets, Roughly 500k and a few ETS (not a great deal).
2nd one; All BN basic pets, Bank has 900np, SBD full of junk.

A little disappointed with both :(
Was expecting atleast 1 out of the two to be a goodie.

Sammie - Feb 25, 2015

Couldnt help myself & had to buy another seeing theyve upgraded.
Bought an advanced bag (was slightly hoping for an UC).
Pets were BN – But one is a BD pet – not too bad.
SBD was full of BD items and training stuff – handy!
Bank account………. WOW! 40+mil & more in stocks.
Account has over 210 avs, Massive amounts of site trophies.
Not bad! Would of been suuuper happy if there was a WN pet or UC.

Super Lucky! - Feb 23, 2015

So I bought another advanced account because I love the gamble. This was an amazing account. I found not only 13 million nps in the bank, but another 31 million in stocks, as well as a gallery full of trans potions and some other rare items. This was truly worth the gamble!

I think I just won the Lottery? 3 TIMES??? - Feb 22, 2015

The first account I purchased was an Advanced Grab Bag and seriously, this account was such a good deal. Keep in mind this account was only $54.99. Firstly, the name of the account was VWN (which means no numbers, no underscores, pronounceable and capped. It had a low tier DN BD UC in it as well as 3 OTHER BD pets with crazy high stats, all DN. None of the pets has numbers or anything like that in the name. It had like 20 trophies on the account total. It contained a gallery with all sorts of paintbrushes, petpet paintbrushes, and much more. The SDB was also filled with codestones, lab map pieces, also paintbrushes and other goodies. Closet even contained nice NC Mall items! Okay, and the bank contained 16million neopoints. I mean need I say more? Like if you are still reading this, just stop and just go buy one now. These are worth it. T

So after this, needless to say I was really curious about the most expensive grab bags since the $54.99 one was already THAT good. I bought both the Platinum Grab Bags and I am not telling you what exactly I got but IT WAS SO WORTH IT. I mean the account itself was just like the ones I mentioned above but also came with a PDRK UC pet that was VWN. Let me just say that usually these pets are worth 250-300 dollars on average by themselves but these are only going for 175 and for more than just the pets but everything I listed above. Can you say worth?

So, but think about it. If you want a dream UC pet that is super hard to attain along with an amazing account, go for the Platinum Grab Bags. If you want to spend less for something amazing but without the UC pet, go for the advanced grab bags.

I will be honest and tell you that last week when I bought a few grab bags, a week later I was disappointed and felt like I wasted my money and it really did feel like a “Gamble”. However, trust me, this new supplier is so much better… so much so much so much better. YOU HAVE TO BE UNLUCKY TO GET SOMETHING YOU DONT LIKE! The chances of getting something good is way higher.

Keep in mind, this post is based on MY experiences. You may have different results but chances are high you will get something nice and they were not kidding about this round of accounts being way better than before. WAY BETTER AS IN 10000000000X BETTER. ;)

Also, support is just fantastic and I have never had a better experience shopping anywhere. It is fast, the person I talked to was above and beyond what I ever expected. If you need anything, please do contact their support. They want you to be happy and they will do all they can to assure that!

Upgrade - Feb 20, 2015

So I purchased an advanced from the old accounts at the beginning of this sale. I was not too pleased, since then they have updated their stock with more better accounts, so i wanted to test this. If these were better I would be coming back for more, I love cleaning them out then having them as spare accounts or alternate main accounts.
So I bought 2 of them. ( sorry if whoever buys next gets old accounts )
I must say the difference is way better. One account was pretty nice, and the other very nice as well. Both very promising from the looks on the outside.

1st account:
~10 Site event trophies that were okay
~10 Game trophies that are okay as well
~10 site themes
~Almost 100 size gallery
~220 Avatars
~550 + HSD VWN pet trainable

2nd account:
10+ Site event trophies, very good trophies, 45k sloth points, ranked high in other wars.
~10 Game trophies
~10 site themes
~220 Avatars
~550 HSD pet

(~) means not exact but around that amount.

I don’t know about you but if this is the new standard accounts, count me in! Compared to the last set of accounts these are WAY better. Will be buying more soon. Thanks for stepping up your game Shop Neopia!

justme - Feb 20, 2015

I was excited to try it out so I bought the advanced bag (50$ option). It had just over 200 avatars but other then that it was garbage. The best item was a snowbunny and a few map pieces. It had 100knps and the sdb was small.

While I am not sure how long ago this was logged into I can say there are certain items in the sdb that would lead me to believe that at most it has been 2 years since it had been logged into and for its age and how lackluster the shop (sz 5), gallery (sz 12), trophies (5), site trophies (4) game trophies (3).. I was disappointed in their tier selection. This would have been a decent lower tier bag at best.
I am assuming I am a “loser” based off of the above options or that I just got an old batch bag and while I understand its a gamble I thought the bags would have been better sorted for the tier.
I would safely say this was a junk side account.
I wont be back for another and would just give this away to someone else if the option was allowed.

Perhaps I was expecting too much. 0_o

I must also include that the CS service here is great and everything else I have purchased before has always been delivered on time and its been a pleasure to be here!

Mariah - Feb 20, 2015

Bought a Basic and Intermediate:

Basic account had a few NC items, some codestones, a bunch of random stuff that appeared to mostly be junk but I would consider it to be worth $8

Intermediate account had roughly 900k in the bank, a BD pet of 300+ HSD, many neopoint clothing items worth around 4mil, some miscellaneous NC items, and many other random items that weren’t junk but not super valuable either. Had around 12 site trophies too which was cool.

Both accounts were nice , not amazing, but would probably would be considered worth their price. If you have high expectations this probably is not for you, although it was fun going through the accounts!

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