[Must Have] Neopets Adblock

Note: Works with both Chrome and Firefox.
Don't you hate it when you're sitting there, browsing YouTube and reselling on Neopets.  When this terrible sound starts interrupting your viewings! That's right, the Neopets ad's. We all know them, they are planted everywhere. -- luckily with only a few element's containing them, though!


So after doing some inspecting, I made a css overlay to hide all ad's on Neopets. I then converted from userstyles.org to a GM script, which is compatible with TM. I do ask that you buy some Neocash from the NC Mall, or click an ad every now and then. Doing so pays for the game we love :) Every little bit counts!

The installation process of this script is very easy. Simply download the script while having GM if Firefox or TM if Chrome enabled and you are on your way! 

Both header ad and side of browser ad have been removed. I removed the ad's from bank, auctions, inventory, SDB, Closet, etc etc. I hope everyone enjoys!

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