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[Must Have] Neopets Neoboard Upgrade

Note: Works well with Chrome and Firefox

Ever wondered why Neopets did not make it possible to navigate locations of a users profile from the neoboards?
We wondered that too. Which is why this script is perfect, and a must have in all gamer's script arsenal.

When enabled, this script displays links to a gamer's neomail, shop, trades, auctions, and gallery. In addition it also displays a link to the active Neopets petpage! To top it all off, it looks and fits seamlessly with Neopets existing neoboard interface;

Neoboard Helper Script

There are zero user settings, simply install and play! Wiggle room, like all scripts, are available for customizing the links/ icons etc. Give us some ideas and we can see about expanding on them!

Installing and Enabling Script

If you do not have Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey (if chrome) installed on your browser, please view this guide.

1. Have GM/TM Installed
3. Ensure script is enabled by going to Tools > Greasemonkey > Manage User Scripts (FF)
    Ensure script is enabled by clicking TamperMonkey Icon at top right next to settings icon and         selecting Dashboard. (Chrome)
4. Once enabled (may need to exit browser and reopen) navigate to the neoboards to chat it up with your friends (or strangers). Upon arrival, you'll notice your new adjustments. Enjoy! ;)

This is especially useful when surfing the trade chat for great deals, or gawking at someones 1337 gallery. Not to mention, saves you the hassle of having to navigate to their user-lookup. Which is annoying!

Download Neopets Neoboard Upgrade Now! 

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