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[Must Have] Neopets Easy Search Script

Note: Works fine with Chrome & Firefox

Put the fun back into auction sniping, and quest hunting with the Neopets Easy Search script. This app is truly amazing and will be one of your most useful scripts. This script not only shows links for neopets search queries, it also provides links to Jellyneo's item database, Dress to Impress, and of course Shop Neopia! 

It currently displays itself in these locations:

- Inventory
- SDB/Closet
- Auctions Bidding Page
- Shop Stock
- Coincidence
- Mystery Island & Krawk Island Training Schools
- Snow Faerie
- Esophagor
- Edna Quest
- Kitchen Quest
- Illusens Glade/ Jhudora's Bluff
- Employment Agency
- Faerie Quest's Page - (coincides with SW Helper Script, if you have a quest, it still allows you to search)

    We are working on adding some more locations to the list, please give us some suggestions and lets see what we can make happen!

    Installing and Enabling Script

    Like all scripts, they are relatively easy to install and run. If you do not have Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey (if chrome) installed on your browser, please view this guide.

    1. Have GM/TM Installed
    3. Ensure script is enabled by going to Tools > Greasemonkey > Manage User Scripts (FF)
        Ensure script is enabled by clicking TamperMonkey Icon at top right next to settings icon and       selecting Dashboard. (Chrome)
    4. Once enabled (may need to exit browser and reopen) navigate to any of the pages listed above. You will now see the icons displayed below item names and images! *cheers*

      When you navigate to the included pages you will notice the page alters as follows;


      As you can see, all possible search locations you could think of are displayed neatly for you. The great thing about this script, it coincides with EVERY script we have to offer. Each script builds on each other, enhancing your Neopets experience.

      Tip: This script + our SW Add-On equals the most perfect semi-legit sw sniping experience! Snipe items from all over Neopets!

      There are millions of ways you can find this tool useful. Who knows, maybe your the next big maller or collector? ;)


      Download Neopets Easy Search Now!

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