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[Must Have] Neopets Adblock

Note: Works with both Chrome and Firefox. Don't you hate it when you're sitting there, browsing YouTube and reselling on Neopets.  When this terrible sound starts interrupting your viewings! That's right, the Neopets ad's. We all know them, they are planted everywhere. -- luckily with only a few element's containing them, though!   So after doing some inspecting, I made...

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[Must Have] Neopets Neoboard Upgrade

Note: Works well with Chrome and Firefox Ever wondered why Neopets did not make it possible to navigate locations of a users profile from the neoboards?We wondered that too. Which is why this script is perfect, and a must have in all gamer's script arsenal. When enabled, this script displays links to a gamer's neomail, shop, trades, auctions, and gallery. In addition...

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[Must Have] Neopets Easy Search Script

Note: Works fine with Chrome & Firefox Put the fun back into auction sniping, and quest hunting with the Neopets Easy Search script. This app is truly amazing and will be one of your most useful scripts. This script not only shows links for neopets search queries, it also provides links to Jellyneo's item database, Dress to Impress, and of course Shop...

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