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Game guide for Neopets Usuki Frenzy 2

Neopets Usuki Frenzy 2

Your childhood desire was to playing around your home cleansing your toys up, right? No? Truly ?? Well, simply in case you can't get sufficient of cleaning your very own house (or, want to prevent it), you can assist Lucie clean hers. Her moms and dads are waiting impatiently for her to end up, so that they can all leave for the Usuki Doll Convention, so you better hurry!

When you're done, I can make a new mess for you to clean up!

How to Play

Under the direction of Lucie's moms and dads, you must grab numerous Usuki Sets that Lucie has left lying around her home, as well as a few of her Usuki dolls. You will be provided a list that can be seen on the left side of the display. As soon as you have actually accumulated whatever on your listing, you can continue to the following level; there are three degrees in total.

Utilize your arrow secrets to route Lucie around her house. To pick up a product, stroll over it. If you pick up a wrong item, you will observe a message appear on top of the display. You have to then return the incorrect thing to one of the four red bookshelves before you can continue. You can do this by walking to either square 1, 3, 5, or 8 as well as stalking the shelf (see the 'Game Map' section listed below for more information).

You have a total of 180 seconds (3 mins) at the beginning of the game. You will certainly not obtain any kind of extra time when you move in between degrees, so use your time intelligently! If this game appears acquainted to you by now, that's probably since it's almost identical to one more fan favourite, Revel Summary!

Products To Accumulate

In each of the three levels, you will certainly be asked to find a specific variety of Usuki Sets. Your checklist will consist of 4 items in level 1, 7 in level 2, as well as 10 in level 3. The Usuki Sets will certainly always remain in the precise same places whenever you play the game, so it's useful to remember them for faster video game play. After that, you can avoid entering into areas that do not have items you require, and you could optimize your time bonus offer.

Below are all the Usuki Establishes that you will find in the game. All these are real Neopian items except for the Usuki Area Set, which is why we have placed it in its very own table.

Additionally, there are a number of Usuki dolls lying around your house - these are incentive items as well as could be gathered for additional points.

In level 2, you can locate a Wonderful Hair Usuki in the living of the house (square 5). In degree 3, you can find another Magical Hair Usuki in the dining room (square 8) along with a Hula Girl Usuki in the kitchen area (square 9). The Ballerina Usuki, on the various other hand, is a 'surprise' product. To disclose it, press the space bar and the up arrowhead secret when you are standing in front of the computer in square 3. The Ballerina Usuki will certainly after that appear somewhere random in the area. This can just be used once per video game.


Scoring is rather uncomplicated in this game. Each Usuki Set that you recoup will certainly net you 15 factors, as well as the benefit Usuki dolls will net you 16 points each. If you get an inaccurate product, you will not shed factors. Lastly, you will certainly obtain a time bonus offer at the end of each level which amounts to the amount of time you half left on the clock separated by 2.

The below table information the optimum variety of points you can make in each level from gathering things alone - it does not factor in time rewards as well as does not determine your complete variety of video game points. For level 2, this rating includes collecting the Magical Hair Usuki, and for degree 3, the score consists of accumulating all 3 Usukis.


Possibly the most beneficial method is to remember the location of the Usuki Sets. This permits you to inspect just the squares of the map that you have to in order to gather the things on your listing. Therefore, you are a lot more effective as well as can optimize your time perk. You may need to detour in levels 2 and 3, however, in order to get the Usuki dolls.

Think of the Neohome as a grid of 9 squares, labeled as such: 1|2|34|5|67|8|9In this system, square # 1 is the top left (where you start the video game), square # 3 is the top right, # 7 is the bottom left (an empty square), as well as # 9 is the bottom right.

It's also best to try and complete each level as promptly as possible for two factors: one, to optimize your time benefit, and two, to maximize the amount of time you have on the next level. You just have 180 secs to finish the whole video game, so the longer you invest in a level, the much less time you have on future levels.

Quick Keys

Stay clear of wrong items! You will certainly shed beneficial time for each one you grab To disclose the Ballerina Usuki, press the area bar as well as the up arrow key when you are standing in front of the computer in square 3 The moment you start with is at all times you are given - utilize it sensibly Remember the places of the Usuki Sets - it's the only means to earn a trophy-worthy score Don't forget to accumulate all 4 Usukis during the ready added points To get to the Pirate Usuki Play Set, walk down when you're in the room (square 3).

Prevent incorrect things! You will shed valuable time for each one you grab. To disclose the Ballerina Usuki, press the area bar as well as the up arrowhead key when you are standing in front of the computer in square 3. The moment you begin with is at all times you are offered - use it sensibly. Remember the areas of the Usuki Sets - it's the only method to gain a trophy-worthy score. Always remember to accumulate all 4 Usukis throughout the game for additional points. To get to the Pirate Usuki Play Set, walk down when you remain in the bed room (square 3).

Prevent wrong products! You will lose important time for each one you get.

To reveal the Ballerina Usuki, press the space bar and the up arrow key when you are standing in front of the computer system in square 3.

The moment you start with is regularly you are provided - utilize it carefully.

Memorize the areas of the Usuki Establishes - it's the only method to make a trophy-worthy rating.

Always remember to accumulate all 4 Usukis throughout the ready additional points.

To obtain to the Pirate Usuki Play Establish, stroll down when you remain in the bedroom (square 3).

Video game Map.

Below is a map of Lucie's Neohome - this design (including the location of the Usuki Sets) remains the exact same for all three levels, so memorize it!

To access the Pirate Usuki Play Establish on the garden veranda, go into the bed room (square 3) and walk down. Although there is no official entrance, you could access the patio from right here.

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