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Game guide for Neopets Toy Box Escape

Neopets Toy Box Escape


The wicked Dr. Sloth's most recent batch of minions just weren't awful sufficient for his liking, so he tossed them in a toybox they might never ever get away! In this video game, your job is to manage the programs of the robot Neopets Sloth produced to help them leave to safety. Utilize each Neopet's special skill to assist the team escape the midsts of Sloth's toybox!

A, uh, minor miscalculation ... Hmm, I'll just toss these cruelty-lacking versions in my toybox.

Standard Gameplay

In each degree, you are presented with a room of kinds that you need to navigate your escape of using the Neopets trapped in that level. Each Neopet has a various unique ability. To make use of a Neopet's unique capability, click on its picture at the end of the display. There are additionally obstacles, such as spikes or lava, that you need to browse about. There is additionally a bonus offer coin on each level that offers you factors for getting it. And also, certainly, there's the exit door. The supreme goal of each degree is to obtain every single Neopet with that door. If any kind of one Neopet cannot achieve this task, you'll need to start the degree over. You only have 3 continues, so utilize them carefully. Lastly, you get a level code each time you finish five levels that you could enter upon the start web page at any moment. This way you can work with perfecting Degree 15 without starting over at Degree 1 each time.

Neopet Talents

Mynci Climb-- a Mynci could climb a vertical wall to get to high-up bonus coins. Scorchio Burn-- a Scorchio could take a breath fire at particular walls (typically red or orange) to release the Neopets from an enclosed area of the level. Kougra Dig-- a Kougra could dig via certain parts of the floor (additionally generally red or orange) below it to reach reduced parts of the level. Shoyru Jump-- a Shoyru can safely cross chasms within the level to access areas inaccessible by other species. Kacheek Press-- a Kacheek could push particular blocks away to liberate space in the degree. Uni Ramp-- a Uni can develop into a ramp to enable other Neopets access to greater locations

Mynci Climb up-- a Mynci could climb an upright wall to reach high-up incentive coins.

Scorchio Burn-- a Scorchio can take a breath fire at certain walls (usually red or orange) to free the Neopets from an enclosed area of the degree.

Kougra Dig-- a Kougra could dig with specific parts of the flooring (likewise usually red or orange) beneath it to reach reduced parts of the level.

Shoyru Dive-- a Shoyru can safely go across chasms within the degree to accessibility areas unreachable by various other varieties.

Kacheek Press-- a Kacheek could push particular blocks away to liberate room in the degree.

Uni Ramp-- a Uni can become a ramp to enable various other Neopets accessibility to higher areas

That coin is MINE!

Degree Guide

For each and every degree, there is a particular sequence of steps you must make to get the coin and also exit in the fastest possible amount of time. This section includes guidelines (plus screenies) for all levels we at JN HQ have handled to figure out the necessary relocations for, along with the most effective times we have actually managed for all you high score table candidates.

Degree Codes

Each time you complete 5 levels, you are given a code to avoid to the next level from the start page in the future. If you're going with maximum points, don't start previous level one, however if you simply can not master a later level, these codes could be extremely convenient for maintaining you sane in your endeavours to practice. The codes are 8 personalities of capital letters and numbers, and you'll be provided every one after successful conclusion of the previous degree (i.e., you'll be offered the one for degree 6 when you finish degree 5 and also are carrying on to degree 6.) Ensure you write them down somewhere so you could use them later on.

Well, that has to do with it ... hope it assisted! Good luck with your escape mission, as well as get playing!

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