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Game guide for Neopets Super Hasee Bounce

Neopets Super Hasee Bounce

Jimmi and Woogy have actually chosen to travel to Meridell Castle to show off their jumping abilities! In this Super installation both will certainly seesaw their means with 15 balloon-filled levels, the ending being a target market with the great King Skarl himself!


How To Play

Similar to the original Hasee Bounce, Jimmi and Woogy take turns springing themselves off of their seesaw to gather as several rewards from the air as they can. To finish a degree, you need to gather each of the five letters caught in the balloons to spell "HASEE". The level immediately ends up when the last letter is accumulated. The seesaw can be relocated left and right with the mouse, yet where the duo wind up bouncing is primarily up to fate. To finish the game, you need to get rid of all 15 degrees before shedding all 5 of your lives (practically 6, your last life is "0").

Super Hasee Bounce has 2 game settings - routine and also hard. Difficult mode has even more hazardous barriers, unfavorable power-ups, and also wind to be handled, while the point worths as well as amount of degrees are precisely the very same. Unless you want the extra difficulty, you should pick regular setting!

Collectables, Power-ups and also Multipliers

There's even more to get hold of besides simply letters! Also within the balloons are multipliers, power-ups and doughnutfruits to collect for extra perk factors - yum! You could see which power-ups hold on the top of the display as well as what multiplier is in effect under. Several power-ups can be essentially at any type of given time, but there can only be one active multiplier - they do not pile! Both power-ups and also multipliers last 6 seconds. You are just granted factors for collecting doughnutfruits and letters, the vacant balloons aren't worth anything.

Worth 10 points.

Well worth 6 factors, five letters are gathered per degree.

Multiplies points provided by doughnutfruits and letters by the number shown (x2, x3 or x5).

Hasees will certainly damage barriers on call. In hard mode, it gives immunity to challenges with spikes and destroys them.

Mobilize 2 Draik guardsmen with a large trampoline. While they are energetic, you do not need to fret about the Hasees hitting the ground.

Makes the Hasees incredibly bouncy!

Hasees will certainly be much less bouncy.

Stuns a Hasee. While shocked, Hasees can not select things up.

Adjustments the instructions of the wind. Difficult mode only.

Cancels the result of the wind. Tough mode only.

Doubles the wind rate. Hard mode just.


Where the Hasees go is mostly as much as opportunity, but you do have some control. To make a Hasee fly further away, catch the various other Hasee on the actual side of the seesaw. If you desire it to jump upwards, capture it extra to the facility. Make certain not to catch the Hasee in the center of the seesaw, it will certainly end up being stunned and also you won't be able to relocate!

When you first begin a degree, seek any type of multipliers - you'll want to get those first before you start collecting anything else. If you are choosing a high score, you need to begin the very first degree over until you get one that has a great deal of them. If there is greater than one multiplier per degree, attempt to accumulate them individually so you do not lose their result. See to it to gather all of the doughnutfruits on a level before you accumulate the letters!

Take care as well as take your time, there is no time restriction as well as you are limited to the amount of lives you start with. There is no other way to earn a lot more.

Quick Tricks

If you are going with a high rating, begin the video game over up until the initial degree has great deals of multipliers and also doughnutfruits. Accumulate multipliers initially prior to you accumulate the letters as well as doughnutfruits, and see to it you have actually gathered every little thing before you end up the level. If a Hasee ends up being stuck jumping in between two barriers, wait it out. After time, it will ultimately end up being unstuck. The Hasees tend to go through the seesaw even though they should not if you are trying to capture them on the brink. If you are short on lives, attempt not to do this.

If you are going with a high rating, start the game over until the initial degree has lots of multipliers as well as doughnutfruits.

Collect multipliers initially prior to you accumulate the letters and also doughnutfruits, as well as make certain you have actually accumulated whatever prior to you finish the degree.

If a Hasee ends up being stuck jumping between 2 barriers, wait it out. After time, it will ultimately end up being unstuck.

The Hasees tend to pass through the seesaw despite the fact that they should not if you are attempting to catch them on the brink. If you are low on lives, try not to do this.

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