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Game guide for Neopets Pterattack

Neopets Pterattack

Pterattack is a top down game flyer/shooter. Your purpose is to fire everything that steps, with the exception of the huts. Use the room bar to fire, and the arrowhead tricks to removal. That's everything for controls.


There are 4 weapons, and while others could have a different style, I want to go for the FireBall one. After firing an adversary pterodactyl, there is the opportunity it will certainly leave a power-up. There are 4 different selections of these: PterShot (heaven one), FireBall (the red one), PterPod (the environment-friendly one), as well as PterBoom (the purple one).

Your beginning weapon will not function well later on, so whatever comes, take it. If the first power-up you get is blue, choose it until the red power-up goes along.

If you go from one tool to a various coloured one, you'll start near the bottom (the initial level for that weapon). The only means you could switch tools is to obtain a various coloured power-up. You could upgrade your weapon by getting more of the same coloured power-ups.

The PterShot is simply a beam, and powering it up causes you to have even more shots on display, and also makes each shot more effective. The drawback for later in the video game is that en masse of enemies comes with you, as well as you could not move without taking damages, it comes to be hard to quit the advancing wave from getting a life.

The PterPod starts perfectly. You fire onward and to the sides starting out, which is good for getting the Rex. The second form of the weapon fires two spheres ahead off at a slight angle away from the facility. The third coincides as the second, except the price of fire is a little faster. The 4th form is a beam that, like the initial tool, is hard to use against a group coming with you.

The PterBoom is my second favorite. It's a boomerang-like tool completely with, though the shots do not go back to you. Starting you will fire a boomerang that moves back and also forth a little bit in an arbitrary method. The second resembles the environment-friendly power-up, though it holds it twirls with the two strikes. The 3rd coincides, I think, not particular. The fourth rises the dimension of the boomerang quite a bit, so it can be easy to obtain a group coming that would removal just past you. A note of care of the fourth purple power-up: Anything can be found in front of you when you can not terminate will likely strike you.

The FireBall, my personal favorite, starts out as a solitary shot. The 2nd resembles the environment-friendly as well as purple as 2 shots ahead. The third is various as it creates three onward attacks, incorporating the initial two degrees of this power-up. The 4th degree of power-up creates three waves that removal the same way as the 3rd degree, yet covers and secures much better. This is the reason the red power-up is my much-loved, given that it produces some defence. Likewise, it could take some time to get up to level 4 for this power-up, however do not worry, I normally get it before I have 1,200 for a rating.

That's the essence of weapons, though be forewarned, there are a limited amount of shots that could be on the display at any type of offered time. For the early-to-mid part of the game you'll usually fire once, then only get an additional shot after you hit an adversary (for the shots that contend an angle, mainly).

In addition, each power-up deserves ten points. Later on in the video game, it's not truly worth it to switch weapons just for the points, however if there's a power-up that's the same kind as exactly what you have, as well as you will not obtain hurt reaching it, go for it.

The Enemies

There are generally just two adversaries, the large Grarrl and the pterodactyls.

Grarrl: This is an opponent that comes stomping along from behind. He's the reason I would certainly stay clear of being near the bottom of the screen, due to the fact that if he is not visible then he is liable to show up right behind you as well as take a life away. Taking him out is simple sufficient unless being overwhelmed; the only way to easily get at him is going near the wall surface. For beforehand when you only have an ahead shooting tool, wait until he is much sufficient in, fly behind him, fire, move on. For in the future, simply be near the bottom of him, sort of on the side, and make use of a tool that shoots at a small angled as well as you need to be able to get him. He is worth 10 points for each hit, though he never ever really dies and just keeps returning.

The pterodactyls are your primary risk throughout the game. With time, they end up being much more powerful, and even make your tool less effective, implying it will certainly take more hits to take them out. They can be found in these colours throughout the game: tan, green, blue, gold, red. There is also a white one that will certainly start flying at degree 5 and above, however comes from the left side (always from the left side) to trouble you. This pterodactyl will certainly not harm you, however if you're not careful, it could distract you from oncoming waves. All pterodactyls deserve five factors, regardless of their colour.

General Secrets

The game is fairly easy at first, if a little slow-moving. You have the tan and also eco-friendly pterodactyls to deal with. The tan ones take one struck with level one weapons, while the eco-friendly take two. You will also have to manage the Grarrl, yet he is typically not an issue. As time takes place, harder pterodactyls come along with even more frequency.

For an idle location, implying where you need to normally be early to mid-game, stay near the center of the display. After degree 5 hits as well as the white pterodactyl starts relocating, stay near the best middle of the display.

Throughout the late video game, I usually hug the top of the screen to the right. With the degree four FireBall power-up, it is easier to survive. Not also close though, since as soon as the gold and red pterodactyls begin coming, you are going to need space to move. So to make clear, if the game display were split into 4 squares, I normally stay in the center of the top right square.

The important things to bear in mind is to keep removaling, and if a flyer is coming down and also you will certainly not be able to take it out, dodge if you can, given that the flyers relocate much faster than you do.

For the Grarrl later on in the game, if he is on the left side of the display, I typically do not bother. When he is to the middle or right of the screen, he produces a lot of issues, though.

When you have gathered a completely leveled weapon, make certain that you beware not to get hold of other tool besides the one you have. By ordering an additional tool, you will reset your weapon degree to one, which can have game-ending repercussions in the later part of the game.

Last note on video game play: Do not touch the wall surfaces, they injure you, also. Okay, the final note is that the Grarrl stomping on the huts does nothing to your rating, so do not stress regarding it. If you have precepts against him stomping on huts, simply pretend the inhabitants are out eating at a barbeque or something, away from the anarchy you are in the center of. Much better? Excellent.

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