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Game guide for Neopets Mootix Drop

Neopets Mootix Drop

Mootix Decrease is a very easy and also enjoyable video game where you regulate a Mootix through rings as well as come down on a target on a Petpet.

* slips into Kadoatie * Hey! Get off me!


Mootix Decrease has 2 game settings: Goals and also Single Decrease. A mission is where you should complete multiple levels of the game. Single Drop is where you should collect all the rings as well as gather targets in degrees you have actually completed while doing objectives. If this is your very first time having fun, the Single Decrease setting will certainly be locked, and you can just use Easy.


Use the arrow keys to removal your Mootix around the display and also with the rings in the degree. You will get 2 points for going in the ring, and 4 if you enter it right in the facility.

When all the rings have flown past the display, the Mootix will certainly have a parachute. You require the Mootix to arrive at the target as near to the facility as feasible. Your score from the rings will certainly be increased by the multiplier to get your degree score. (Note: The little targets supply greater multipliers than the large target). If you're playing on a mission, you relocate to the next petpet on the objective. On Single Drop setting, you gather the target if it's the first time touchdown on that particular target, and get the alternative to send out rating.


Mootix Decline has a number of codes that permit you to play the levels differently. Most of the codes are pointless, or makes the video game harder, however they are amusing to say the least.

On the screen that tells you the petpet you get on before you start the degree, press up or down. You will certainly see an icon in the lower best edge. Use the up and down tricks to change the symbol because column, and right/left to change columns. Make the complying with mixes for sure impacts. Note that the code going into in the video game is glitchy as well as may not work at all times.

Mootix Decline Fun Codes + + Makes the Mootix go super quick + + Makes the Mootix incredibly big + + Makes the Mootix slower, but gives you a 5 factor head start + + Makes the Mootix incredibly small + + Makes the Mootix invisible + + Transforms your game upside-down, however provides you a 10 point running start + + Transforms your going down Mootix into a Spyder and gives you an 8 factor head start + + Includes 50 points to your overall level rating (thanks bartdrunkeys for the suggestion!). +. +. Start off with 8888 factors, with rings worth 1000 points (2000 in the center), once you get into parachute mode, you fly up and also up and also up, as a limitless level.

Enjoy, and best of luck dropping those Mootix!

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