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Game guide for Neopets Meepit Juice Break

Neopets Meepit Juice Break

The principle of Meepit Juice Break is very easy: feed the Meepits. Then though, points obtain complicated. For one thing, there are many shades. You start with the primary colors: Red, Blue, as well as Yellow. Nonetheless, if you connect a pipe coming off a yellow spout to a pipeline coming off a blue spout you will essentially obtain green. This coincides with each primary color mix. However, if you blend all the colors, you will obtain a pink tube.

The most intelligent method to feed the Meepits is to feed them by shade. You will certainly get factors if you feed a blue Meepit though an environment-friendly tube, yet you will certainly obtain more factors if you feed it via its corresponding color - blue. As well as following this, your score will increase relying on the number of pipes you make use of, and also if you're lucky adequate to be able to use all the pipes, you get a 50 point bonus! But be cautious! - taking a detour could cost you your time (bear in mind, this is a timed game!).

The exemption to racking up is with Zen mode. You typically aren't timed, however you're only awarded one point for every Meepit you feed- without any perks! You can send your rating and make a trophy or avatar in this mode, but it will take quite some time as well as persistence to accomplish the needed scores.

One yellow Meepit juice, coming right up!

Tricks and also Tricks

Right here are a couple of pointers on the best ways to get out of difficult MJB circumstances!

The Configuration

Allow's say you open to a red Meepit when you recognize that the yellow pipelines are currently set up to make sure that if you attach simply one more pipeline it'll feed your Meepit. Simple, huh? However it could improve! As opposed to rejecting yourself more factors, quickly break short the connection of the attaching yellow item and attach it to a connecting red item, as a result turning the whole pipe red as well as providing yourself added points.

The Pink Hazard

The hardest Meepit to feed is the pink Meepit. To feed it gladly, you need to incorporate all 3 pipes! Rather than succumbing to the very easy way out - merely feeding it with a red, yellow, or blue - take this tip. Start all 3 independently, going from the top down. The very first opportunity you get, damage the red to link to the yellow and include a few pipes. Then transform the currently orange pipe down to meet the blue, for that reason producing a pink tube. It's not as tough as it looks!

Red, blue and yellow make ... pink? My art teacher lied to me!

Difficult to Feed

Sadly, sometimes it is essentially impossible to feed a Meepit with a pipe of its very own color. If this takes place, take this suggestion: feed it with the lengthiest pipe currently and afterwards take a detour as well as scrape the end of the moment limitation using as several possible pipes on the following Meepit. Don't tension, though, or you'll run out of pipes!

Berry Cocktails

Everyone likes a bit of range in their beverages, and also Meepits are no exemption. Occasionally, berries will certainly show up in areas of the pipes. Utilize those certain pipes to feed a Meepit as well as you'll obtain perk factors! Keep an eye out for the apple core, however-- Meepits hate these, as well as if you use one in your piping you'll have points eliminated.

Berries are scrumptious! Apple cores much less so.

Game Secrets

Keying in the expression "juice-o-matic" will reset all Meepits' timers. This can just be made use of as soon as per game. Keying in the phrase "meepits" will obtain you an extra life! This could just be utilized once per video game. Easter Egg: Like many various other video games on Neopets, this set was worked with by the terrific Oliver himself! To see all the video games he is in, as well as how you can obtain him, read The Phantom Orange Shirt Man write-up.

Keying in the phrase "juice-o-matic" will reset all Meepits' timers. This can only be utilized when each video game.

Typing the phrase "meepits" will get you an extra life! This could just be made use of once per video game.

Easter Egg: Like several various other games on Neopets, this set was dealt with by the great Oliver himself! To see every one of the video games he is in, and ways to get him, check out The Phantom Orange Tee shirt Man post.

A Meepit! Run!

Send a rating of 3,500+ points in Meepit Juice Break.

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