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Game guide for Neopets Frumball

Neopets Frumball

Gormball? Nah. Zurroball? Eh, no. Wingoball? Not even among the initial three! Allow's play Frumball!

Among the older Neopets video games, Frumball is your standard pong take-off embeded in the Virtupets Space Station. It's additionally one of the extra unique video games since it does not have a plot, or at the very least a backstory; you bet the purpose of having fun. Just what a novel suggestion.


The things of the video game is to ruin all of the balls at the top of the display by hitting them with your little ball, which you could adjust using your bat. Your bat constantly stays at the bottom of the screen, though; you could only relocate to the left as well as right, utilizing your mouse to do so. Generally, this is a Virtupets variation of Korbat's Lab.

Your stats are shown below the display, however do not take your eyes off of the spheres extremely frequently!

Your bat isn't really flat, nevertheless; you can utilize its angle to strike your ball practically every which way. If your sphere drops previous your bat and disappears, you lose among your 3 lives (also if you missed it by that much). You direct your bat simply by moving your computer mouse to the right or left.

A bit dull, however challenging.

Note: You will certainly need to have a Shockwave plug-in set up on your computer system to play Frumball. It's not kept an eye on neither possessed by Neopets, and neither are they or Jellyneo responsible for it; ensure to get your moms and dads' approval to mount it or have them do it for you if you do not currently have it installed.


At the start of every level, you're offered a three-second countdown up until the round launches from your bat. It will go straight up, giving you the possibility to aim precisely. Whenever you lose a life, you're offered the same countdown to re-aim with.

When you ruin a larger one, your round will all at once bounce off of it rather than flying right with. You total each level by getting rid of every one of the larger rounds, and also (besides the perk from particular power-ups) that's the only method to score factors. Some of the bigger rounds are likewise unbreakable; they simply supply challenges and do not call for damage to get to the following level.

On later degrees, you'll also encounter some spheres that require two hits to destroy; they're tricky, however, as they look the same to normal ones.

Your sphere will certainly bounce off of them, yet they exist to remain.

As each level advances your ball will fly quicker and much faster, and as you advance through the levels it seems to accelerate much more. The difficulty of the video game remains in ruining the rounds, despite just how difficult their pattern is to strike.


When you damage one of the larger balls, a power-up will periodically go down from it for you to collect with your bat (by positioning your bat under it). Some will certainly affect your bat, some your round, others your rating.

All power-ups are tiny, tinted balls with a letter or symbol on them which sometimes flashes. They all look similar, making it very hard to inform them apart when they drop swiftly. If you can't instantaneously recognise a power-up as being one that will certainly help you, after that I would certainly encourage you to stay out of its way, simply in case.

Power-Ups The black 3 provides you 3 added lives! The cyan A will restart the level that you are presently playing. The red C is the Crazy Bounce power-up, makings your ball resist physics and also occasionally jump in the opposite way that it should. The cyan D offers you the Dual Rounds power-up, which offers you another round to bounce around. If one drops past your bat, though, you won't shed a life. The grey E enlarges your bat to around increase its initial length. The cyan G provides you the Glue power-up. It keeps the ball stuck to your bat whenever both touch, letting you launch it off again anywhere with a click of your computer mouse. The eco-friendly H creates a Chokato to appear on the screen, as well as will certainly also approve you 1000 incentive factors! The black I gives you the Indestructaball power-up, which allows your sphere smash via the huge ones like they just weren't even there. The red J is the Neopoints Galore! power-up; one bag of Neopoints after an additional falls till you miss one! They seem each award regarding 75 points. The environment-friendly L decreases your sphere. The red M is the Multi-Balls power-up, which supplies you with three more rounds to jump around. The red O is a cash power-up, that makes a bag of Neopoints decrease from the top of the screen for you to catch yet once more. It awards about 200 points. The orange P speeds up your round. The lavender Q is the Invisiball power-up, which reduces your round to a little dimension. The eco-friendly S reduces your bat to fifty percent of its initial size. The lavender T gives you an additional bat on each side of your very first one, yet its impacts are negated when you accumulate another power-up. The black V will create The Pant Adversary to drop from the top of the screen; if he hits your bat you will lose almost 5 of your points however will not lose a life. The black W warps you to the following degree without losing any type of factors. The black X gives you one added life.

This listing could be insufficient. If you know of another power-up, please inform us in a Pest Record. Thanks to Joshua for adding this way.

Regrettably, gathering one will certainly cancel out the result of the last one you've gotten. That means that if you got a Double Sphere and after that obtain an Indestructaball, even if you still have both rounds from the Double Sphere, one will certainly disappear. Additional lives and points don't get taken away, however, unless in the case of lives you lose them.


There are 2 built-in cheat codes in the game, but one is especially nefarious when you're playing for Neopoints or a high rating. By typing kougra at the start of any type of degree, you can skip that degree but you will lose every one of your gathered factors. You could utilize it as sometimes as you like, so it's fine if you simply wish to see all the different levels.

The other code is frumball, which gives you an extra life when entered at any type of point in the game; it could just be made use of as soon as each game, however.

The key of having fun is merely to be individual and constantly keep an eye on your round. Frumball is old as well as classic, however still difficult. Have fun!

" No, play Gormball! It's so much cooler compared to smelly Frumball!"

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