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Game guide for Neopets Faerie Cloud Racers

Neopets Faerie Cloud Racers


Faerie Cloud Racers is a fairly basic video game to master. The objective of the video game is to earn your challenger collision into either your smoke, her smoke, the barriers or the walls. It is very much a remake of the old Faerie Cloud Racers video game only with the introduction of challenges. You have an option from a couple of faeries, particularly: Fire, Snow, Planet, Water, Tooth, Dark, Room as well as Light. There is no way to obtain Fyora as your gamer, however you will certainly reach race against her in the last degree.

Fyora is saved for the grand finale


The controls for this game are really fundamental. All you require are the arrow keys. Up arrowhead makes your racer rise, down arrow makes your racer go down ... You understand! A vital point to note is that you could not go in the contrary instructions. What do I mean by that? Well, if you are going in the upwards instructions, hitting the down arrowhead secret will be of no effect. You would need to push the left or best arrow trick and then push down. Otherwise, well you would certainly be consuming your very own path!

Your Opponents

There are numerous opponents in this game, as well as although they all have the same goal they tackle it in somewhat different methods. So allow us meet them after that, shall we?

The Faeries Ash the Fire Faerie Taelia the Snow Faerie Illusen the Earth Faerie The Water Faerie The Tooth Faerie The Dark Faerie The Space Faerie The Light Faerie Fyora the Faerie Queen

The Phases

Which Faerie you opt to play as will certainly establish that you are facing when points obtain harder, so it is easier just to refer to the degrees by their number as opposed to by Faerie. You begin moving instead gradually and also there are relatively couple of barriers in your course; the number of obstacles scattered around will steadily increase with each passing degree for the very first four levels. When you get to level 5 (whereupon you'll either be facing the Tooth Faerie or the Dark Faerie) things accelerate a bit. To compensate for the boost in speed the variety of obstacles will be 'reset' and so there will only be a few for you to evade, permitting you to concentrate on not zooming right into a wall surface. After that with each adhering to level the number of obstacles will rise once more, to make sure that by the time you're encountering Fyora you will have to browse a screen loaded with shrubs and the like whilst taking a trip at break-neck rates. Enjoyable!:D.

You will encounter the Faeries in the order they show up at the selection screen.


Just what is this capturing method that I have been discussing? Well it is equally as it sounds, you trap your opponent in a box made by your smoke. Considering that you get points for exactly how rapidly you trap your opponent, in earlier degrees you ought to aim to reduce them off as promptly as you can; obtain as close to them as you feel great doing to give them as little area to relocate as possible.

Nonetheless as soon as things start to quicken it can be a bit tricky aiming to chase them and also require them into a trap. So in later degrees I like to take on the 'box them in then leave their way' technique; it's unlikely that name will certainly ever catch on yet it works. Basically you do a lap of the upper screen, so they are limited to that half of the playing field, then you can concentrate on preventing the challenges in your half while you wait on them to find unstuck.


There is just one rip off in the video game, though it isn't extremely beneficial. Type "faerie" throughout gameplay to remove all the barriers on the display. It makes it much easier for you, and your opponent as well. So assume prior to using it! (I would suggest saving it for when you're dealing with Fyora).


The racking up system is really easy. The faster your opponent accidents, the more factors you obtain! If you want to be much more technical, there is a kind of a count down at work; you start with a certain quantity of possible points which increases each level, and then for each 2nd you require to beat your opponent you shed points from that overall till you make them crash and then you are granted however lots of points remain on the count down. You don't get to in fact see this number counting down however so you just learn at the end of the degree just how quick you did it and how many factors you made as a result.

For each and every level, you start with a specific number of boosting factors. For the initial four degrees, your score is that number minus the amount of time taken to finish the degree. For the second 4, it's that number minus 3 times the quantity of time taken. Right here's the solutions: Degrees 1-4: Level Details - Time Taken = Round ScoreLevels 5-8: Level Points - 3( Time Taken) = Round Rating.

For Level 1, you start with 50 points, and also you obtain an extra 25 points with each passing level (to make sure that level 2 is worth 75, degree 3 is worth 100, and so forth).

To proceed to the following degree, you need to win against the opponent 3 times. If you lose 3 times then you lose the degree and also it's video game over.:-LRB-.

Easter Egg.

This game was dealt with by the evasive Weepit, who decided to make their visibility felt in the video game. During play you might detect a little paper stayed with the cloud at the end of the display which gets surprised right before the level begins.


This is an excellent video game making Neopoints from as it usually has an excellent Neopoint ratio, and if you obtain adequate at it then there is also the prospective to complete on the planet Obstacle for map pieces! With any luck you currently recognize sufficient regarding this game to be in with a chance at that. Or a trophy, obviously. Good luck regardless!

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