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Game guide for Neopets Ednas Shadow

Neopets Ednas Shadow

It's hardly a horror tale; in this video game, Edna obviously made an alarming blunder in among her recipes/experiments. The resulting surge sent her flying from her tower one way, as well as her shadow was amazingly blown separate from her in the other direction. That is, the awesome kind of darkness; not just some wimpy black number on the ground.

It's your task as Edna (as well as her darkness) to move about the withered, verdant areas of the Haunted Woods, accumulating numerous active ingredients for a remedy to fix her shadow back in place while staying clear of common harmful baddies. There are numerous levels in the video game, each with great selection in framework as well as trouble; don't be shocked if you need a number of aim to get past one of the later levels.


While you may be brought about believe that Edna's Darkness is a routine, fairly uninteresting game, it has a good added twist: you're acting out both Edna and her shadow, and when you move Edna her darkness will go in the other direction. When you make Edna go right, her darkness goes left; when Edna goes left, her darkness goes right; they both go up and down together, though. It may not be a stimulating enhancement to the gameplay, yet it adds some required control as well as, to some individuals, extra fun.

After you gather all the components on a degree, you need to obtain both of the Ednas back to the large red cauldron in the level. Though it could sound easy, it actually becomes very challenging later on in the degrees because you need to obtain both of them nicely onto the squares next to the cauldron, rather than just having them touch them; that's a great deal tougher when they're not lined up symmetrically in the video game. You'll know that you've collected every one of the components when the cauldron bubbles environment-friendly.


Oh yes, navigation is rather various than activity. Specifically when you need to correctly place Edna and also her shadow in every level to continue to the next; while it would certainly be nigh impossible to reveal you how you can do it in all of the degrees, because the parallel-ality of Edna and also her darkness are different in almost every scenario, I'll give you some aid on ways to arrange it out on your own.

Have a look at the below screenshot; after pursuing ingredients, Edna as well as her darkness are un-parallel to every various other. That issue has to be dealt with because they both need to be to the specific left as well as right of the glowing cauldron to obtain past the level. So, you should utilize the details positioning of walls and also various other obstacles in the level to position our heroes parallel to each other.

Now, this mostly takes method to do; prior to going for a high rating or whatever, undergo all the degrees that you can to see for yourself ways to parallelize Edna as well as her darkness. However, this particular instance is very easy to obtain via as well as you'll greater than most likely discover yourself in it typically; right here's exactly what you do:

If they both go along the arrowheads, they'll be identical.


While the enemies in the video game are second best, the life system is: you have only one life and also to shed it, both Edna and also her shadow have to touch a baddie. In a way, that readies; when among them is struck, they will be involved something much like plasters as well as you'll need to guide their other over to rescue them. Simply make your method over to the harmed Edna/shadow as well as touch them; they'll be recovered up, simply sufficient. Bear in mind that while among them is injured (and so cannot be moved in any kind of method), the various other can't accumulate any components.

You do not simply need to avoid the adversaries, though: when on the square beside them, you could shoot a spell at them by pushing your room bar as well as zap them right into oblivion, making them disappear from the level and giving you a few added factors.

The main points you enter the video game are from obtaining components as well as zapping baddies: five factors for every single ingredient, 10 for every adversary. However, you additionally obtain bonus points for nonetheless much time you have left when you finish a degree; you obtain a factor for every second left on the clock.

Later on in the levels you'll likewise come across destroyable rocks, marked by glowing fractures all over them; simply zap them like a regular baddie to get rid of them, although they're not dangerous to you even if you touch them. Underneath is the periodic apple core, explained better below.


There are 4 various products other than active ingredients in Edna's Darkness, a lot of which are respectable. The initial 3 show up arbitrarily throughout all the degrees, disappearing a few secs afterward if you have not collected them already. Just walk over them to accumulate them; they begin appearing only after you have actually gotten to the 3rd level.

The antique watch is a time booster that adds 10 secs to your level countdown. The little red remedy is a reversing potion that changes the arrow vital movements for Edna and her darkness; that implies the tricks will work consistently with the darkness rather than Edna. The odd, environment-friendly, glowing orb is a stunner that ices up all enemies for a few secs. You'll only find the apple core under destroyable stones as well as, like ingredients, they provide you 5 points each.

The antique watch is a time booster that includes 10 secs to your degree countdown.

The little red potion is a turning around potion that switches over the arrow essential activities for Edna and her darkness; that suggests the tricks will work frequently with the shadow rather than Edna.

The odd, eco-friendly, beautiful orb is an astonishment that ices up all enemies for a few secs.

You'll only find the apple core under destroyable stones and also, like ingredients, they give you 5 points each.

And also, obviously, anything that's not a baddie or unique item is an active ingredient, so do not be shy regarding getting skulls, sandbags and so on. Anything that's relocating, prevent; that includes the strange tree baddie that periodically stops dead in its tracks for a while. You could even go right up as well as bump versus the spider internet and spikes.

Do not be demandinged by this long overview, though: in the long run, you might locate that after time Edna's Darkness is a really fun video game. Maybe you'll never be good enough to get a prize, yet do not sweat it; appreciate playing!

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