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Game guide for Neopets Barf Boat

Neopets Barf Boat

In this ... Emergency room, lovely story of the high seas, we satisfy Captain Arf, the gluttonous Warf that regulates the Petpet pirate ship known as the Pernicious Pinchit. Regrettably, overeating and choppy seas typically aren't precisely a winning combination, and also with all this rocking ... as well as persuading ... he just ... may ... Oh my.

Ach, I really feel scurvier 'n a Bilguss at high trend ...

The best ways to Play

Barf Watercraft is played with just 3 keys: the left arrow, the right arrowhead, and the room bar. With the ship lurching back and forth in the rough water, you have to make use of the arrowhead keys to stabilize members of Captain Arf's team on the ship's deck. While it might feel like holding down the arrowhead tricks offers you more leverage, it's normally far better to continuously tap them. When needed, pushing the area bar will make all pirates currently on deck (besides Arf) dive. As the game progresses, a growing number of staff members will certainly turn up from belowdecks. If at any factor you don't have a Petpet on deck with Captain Arf, it's game over.

Yarrr, a much more steadfast an' dedicated staff yeh'll never ever discover ... Wait, Slorgy Jones, returned!

When a staff participant gets near one end of the ship, they will evaluate that end down more; to counteract this, it's finest to keep the Petpets as near to the center of the ship as possible. In an emergency situation, you could make them jump and reorient the ship while they impend. Beware with this, nevertheless; if a Petpet is in motion when they leap, they will certainly retain their energy as well as jump in the direction they were moving. In the later stages of the video game the ship will start to rock even more violently, triggering the Petpets to leap instantly. After a particular factor, the shaking of the ship will be so severe that it will certainly cause Petpets to jump the entire elevation of the video game display. Throughout these times, do your finest to keep the ship as degree as possible.

Periodically, a coin (see Rating section listed below) or bomb will certainly appear on the deck. Bombs can be found in differing sizes, each with a blast radius concerning two times the dimension of the bomb. If captured in the blast, Petpets will certainly be knocked in reverse, in some cases over the edge of the ship. The most convenient means to deal with bombs is to allow them roll off the deck; if a bomb is between two Petpets, merely have them leap and also allow the bomb present from under them. If a bomb is about to blow up on the deck, a well-timed dive will normally be enough to obtain your team out of range of the blast.

Every thirty secs or two, Captain Arf will certainly ... Give his dinner some fresh air, making fairly a mess of the Pernicious Pinchit. Fortunately, aside from being a bit disruptive, this has no genuine influence on gameplay.

No actual impact?! Speak fer ye' self!


In Barf Watercraft, points are scored by keeping members of Arf's staff on deck. For having one staff participant on deck, you will certainly score 3 points each 2nd, with another 2 points each secondly for every added Petpet. At random periods throughout the video game, golden coins will certainly appear on-deck: they can be gathered by touching them with staff participants, and also are normally worth 30 factors, though will certainly occasionally be worth approximately 300 factors.

Extreme Setting, selectable from the game's main menu, sees Captain Arf in control of a little rowboat. While you will get factors twice as quickly in this mode, playing on Extreme isn't really advised as a result of just how hard it is to regulate.


Preferably, you intend to keep all the Petpets in as little an area as possible, to earn them much easier to control. When Petpets appear, they will normally leap before touchdown on the deck; you can use this opportunity to turn the watercraft in that instructions, relocating other Petpets to where the new kid on the block will certainly land as well as maintaining them done in a smaller location.

Quick Tricks

Keep all of the Petpets organized with each other whenever possible. Promptly tap the arrowhead keys instead of holding them for even more accuracy. Turn the ship to roll bombs off the side, or jump to avoid the blast.

Keep every one of the Petpets grouped with each other whenever possible.

Quickly touch the arrow tricks instead of holding them for even more accuracy.

Turn the ship to roll bombs off the side, or jump to prevent the blast.

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