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Collecting cards is a way to make your account look better, a great investment, and just a fun thing to do on Neopets! In this guide, we will show you what you need to start your own card collection. Please note, this guide is about Neodeck Cards, not TCG cards.

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Why card collecting?

We’ve already mentioned a couple of reasons, but here are a few more:

  • There’s a high score table for collecting cards, which means you can get a trophy out of it.
  • Some cards can also get you avatars. - Some faeries ask for the cards in their quests. There’s the light faerie, but Jhudora and Illusen also tend to ask for the rarer ones.
  • You can take cards out of your collection and sell them at any time if they become more profitable.
  • Who doesn’t have a Yugioh or hockey card collection somewhere? Bring your hobby to Neopets too!
  • It’s good material for showing off.

What are premium cards?

Premium cards are specialty cards that are only given out to premium members. Each month you will be awarded one if you are premium. These cards go a separate album, and are only viewable by clicking the link saying "Premium Cards" under a users neodeck on their userlookup. However this link will only be there if the member is currently paying for Neopets premium. It is not possible to remove these cards, and they do not count towards your collection total. 

How to get Trading Cards

You can buy cards in the Collectable Card shop. You can also obtain them from booster packs, which are sold in the toy shop. I do not recommend opening booster packs, because there are fixed cards that you can get from them (you should Google this if you are interested in knowing which pack gives what cards). There are two other (less common ways) of getting cards. One of them is by completing the treasure map. The other is a random event. Sometimes a card will magically find its way into your Neodeck!


The cards come in different rarities and are ranked by color as follows from rarest to most common:
Holo (100+)
Gold (91-99)
Black (81-90)
Purple (71-80)
Green (61-70)
Pink (51-60)
Red (40-50)
Blue (less than 39)

Gargon IV Gedda Happycheek Ghi Pharun Gelert Pack
Giant Grackle Bug Frostburn the Chia Alhazad the Trader A Two Rings Crusader 

Getting started

The rarer a card is, the more expensive it tends to be! There are a few exceptions though, particularly the cards that are given out as dailies. Here are some of the cheapest cards in Neopia. You can buy these to start up your collection!

  • Bug Eye McGee
  • Tyragh the Tyrannian Buzz
  • Samuel No Eyes - Gorunda the Wise
  • Trrygdorr
  • Sophie the Swamp Witch
  • Flutter
  • General Crustygums

Afterwards, try buying a few blue cards or red cards to fluff up your collection. The good thing is that your Neodeck will tell you which cards you have and which cards you still need. If you have a larger budget, you could gradually move up the rarity ladder until you reach your spending limit (or you can buy some more neopoints here!).

The Gems

Among the rarest cards to exist are the holographic cards. These include:

  • Balthazar the Bounty Hunter
  • Jasper Gen
  • The Monocerous
  • The Monocerapter
  • Orig the Great
  • Little Timmy
  • Alstaf Poogle
  • Calabrus the Cloud Aisha
  • The Storyteller
  • The Marvelous Stretchy Chia

Will you be lucky enough to receive them? Rich enough to achieve them? Give it a go! And of course, if you’re the owner of one of these out of print cards, hang on to them, the price will only go up!

This marks the end of this guide on card collecting. Maybe one day you’ll complete the whole collection!

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